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5 Ways Mortgage Pros Make Success More Complicated and Difficult Than It Needs to Be (And How to Cut The Crap With Elegant Simplicity)

Success is an easy enough concept on paper: it's the one thing we all want. However, when it comes to making it a reality, it's not always clear-cut. What is it that makes mortgage pros so great at overcomplicating their approach? 


How can we simplify our strategies so we can make our dreams a reality without adding unnecessary steps to the mix? Could cutting out the complexity actually improve our results? 


In this episode, I share how elegant simplicity can get us working less, making more, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.


"Come back to the fundamentals that will get you to your income goals faster and easier." -Doren Aldana





  • Why buying leads is a bad idea
    Why waste a ton of time and money sifting through gravel, looking for diamonds? 


  • Why internet leads should only ever be an add-on
    Does putting all our focus on smaller prizes really sound like a good idea? 


  • How saving a buck trying to DIY comes at a price
    Getting it right ain't an easy code to crack, so why take the risk of getting it wrong and adding another hurdle to the mix? 

The Unfair Advantage System: How to Get Realtors Totally Addicted to You So They Send You All Their Buyers

Every prudent mortgage professional knows that we’re on the brink of a market shift. As the seller’s market shifts into a buyer’s market, you want to position yourself ahead of the storm.


You have to build a stable of top-producing VIP Realtor partners who see you as irreplaceable and indispensable. But how do we do this without begging, chasing, or cold calling? How can we breeze past the brush-offs, and escape being the last-resort LO who gets all the crappy deals?


In this episode, I share a new training that will help you attract top-producing Realtor partners, and why it’s the most powerful tool you can possess in today’s market.


"In this rising interest rate environment, you have to be proactive and preemptive. You don’t want to be wishing you had built your purchase business, you want to be glad you did." -Doren Aldana 






  • How to attract agents by solving current market pain points

    Realtors want pre-approved buyers and motivated sellers. How can we solve this problem using cutting-edge technology, and put ourselves head and shoulders above the competition? 


  • The most valuable thing we can provide to Realtors

    A solid marketing strategy is a mission-critical must but many agents don’t have it. How does the Unfair Advantage system provide a stack of awesome they can’t get anywhere else? 


  • How to put yourself in a power position with top-producing agents

    If you’re sick and tired of chasing Realtors, you have to attract them with an irresistible value proposition. How do we create the ultimate bait that puts us in the power position?

How Fear Holds Us Back From Fulfilling Our Full Potential (And How to Finally Put Fear Under Your Feet!)

Fear plays an important role in keeping us aware of risks, but when it informs our decisions so much that we're too afraid to move forward, something needs to change. 


What are the biggest fears felt by newbie LOs, seasoned mortgage pros and everyone in between, and how do we kick them to the curb, once and for all? 


How do we strike a balance between the damaging delusions of total fearlessness, and the devastating stagnation of pervasive paranoia? 


In this episode, I explain how fear is stopping us from making our dreams a reality, and what to do about it. 


"The more we focus on our fears, the more we tend to attract them, because what we feed, we fuel!" -Doren Aldana





  • How too much trepidation stops newbies from making their mark

    How can newly minted mortgage pros move past second guessing themselves so they can start making an impact in their markets?


  • Why veterans need to stop stressing the 'what ifs' and take action

    What can seasoned LOs do to stabilize their businesses, so the thought of 'what if' never even enters the equation? 


  • How to stop letting market concerns steal our shine

    How can we get over our market-related fears and serve our customers, instead of projecting our anxieties onto them?

5 Critical Things To Look For When Choosing a Mortgage Marketing Coaching Program

The internet is bursting at the seams with advertisements for mortgage marketing coaching, but as we know, not all programs are created equal. The problem is, sorting the good from the bad isn’t always easy.


Trying to figure out which coaching program to pick is overwhelming, and that’s before any of the hard work begins! How can we get better at discerning the magnificent from the mediocre? 


What do the most effective coaching programs have that others lack, and how can we pinpoint those features before wasting a ton of time and money on an ineffective product? 


In this episode, I share the checklist we should all consult before committing to a coaching program.

"Ask yourself if your coach’s life is worthy of emulation." -Doren Aldana



Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode


  • The elegance of simplicity

    Why sign up for anything needlessly complicated? Wouldn’t it be a lot more painless to go for the simple solution? 


  • Why quality beats quantity, every time

    Is it worth using a system that can only guarantee poor quality leads that take an insane amount of time and effort to convert?


  • Why we should look to programs that prioritize attracting over chasing

    Sure, cold calling worked 20 years ago, but how effective are caveman strategies in the age of technology?

5 Most Common Beliefs That Hold You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential (And How to Finally Break Free!)

Many mortgage pros fall short of making their dreams come true, but that doesn't mean they're not good at what they do. More often than not, failure is a symptom of the beliefs we tell ourselves.


We can have the best marketing strategies in the business, but without the mindset to match, we're going to be held in place, trapped on the proverbial hamster wheel. The problem is, many of us don't know which beliefs are holding us back.


What are we telling ourselves, day after day, that's keeping us from our full potential? How do we get to the root of our negative thoughts, to stop them from doing more damage?


In this episode, I'm sharing the most commonly held beliefs that hold LOs back from making their dreams a reality.


"Your subconscious mind is what governs your habits and ultimately your results,  be careful with what you tell yourself." -Doren Aldana



  • How to kick impostor syndrome to the curb, for good!

    How can we stop believing we’re not good enough, so we can step into the confidence and competence required to make our dreams a reality?

  • Why we need to quit telling ourselves success comes at a price

    How will we ever feel compelled to put in the hard yards when we’re constantly telling ourselves success is a burden?

  • Why doing it all on our own only hurts us

    What’s the likelihood of attracting top talent who allow us to step into the rainmaker position when we’re hung up on micromanaging every move?

5 Reasons Why Most Mortgage Pros Hate Working With Realtors (And How to Fix It)

For many LOs, the prospect of working with Realtors is nothing more than a necessary evil, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Wouldn’t it be great to partner with Realtors who not only impact our business, but inject more fun and fulfilment into our world?


One of the inevitable facts of life is that not everyone’s energies will gel with our own, so at some point we’ll all run into Realtors who do no more than drain our batteries. However, if we fine-tune our strategies, we can keep those interactions minimal.


How can we start connecting with the RIGHT Realtors? Is there a way to attract them without sorting through the hordes of agents whose goals and energies will never align with ours?


In this episode, I share how to create stronger, more enjoyable partnerships with the right Realtors.


"The dream picture for most mortgage pros is never having to deal with Realtors, but working with Realtors can be an absolute joy if we’re working with the right ones." -Doren Aldana





  • Why we need to quit offering Realtors the bare minimum

    Could we be making ourselves easily replaceable by having a not-so-unique value proposition? 


  • The importance of nipping entitlement in the bud

    How can we stop thinking in terms of what Realtors can do for us, and start thinking about what WE can do for THEM


  • Why failing to plan is planning to fail

    Why meander in the wilderness unarmed, naked and entirely reliant on HOPE? Wouldn’t it be great to KNOW where we’re going?

5 Keys To Winning Consistently, Regardless of Low Inventory Rising Interest Rates and Crazy Competition

A ton of mortgage pros are shaking in their boots right now, and that’s because they’ve pinned all their hopes and dreams on just ONE aspect of the business. We could spend dwelling on why that was a massive mistake, but the question remains: what now?


What’s next for LOs who have channeled all their energies into the refi boom? Is there a way to come back from this?


What can we do to diversify our businesses now, before it’s too late?


In this episode, I share how to shift into CONSISTENT success by hopping off our one-legged stools for good.


"Too many people are sitting on one-legged stools with 50, 60, 70, 90% refi business. In a rising interest rate environment, that is an absolute death rattle to your business." -Doren Aldana

Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode


  • How to make the most of the purchase market

    Are we investing enough time in our purchase business, or are we leaving a ton of money on the table?

  • How to differentiate from the masses

    Do we have a unique selling proposition that distinguishes us from everyone else? How can we decipher what separates us from the herd?

  • The key to building SUSTAINABLE stability through diversification

    How do we diversify our business without adding a ton of extra responsibilities to our plate and doing it the hard way?

How Jelani Dorsey Turned His Annual Income into His Monthly Income in Just 3 Months (All In The Purchase Market - Without Cold Calling)

Comfort is the mortal enemy of greatness, but even the most aspirational loan officer wants a sense of stability in their business. 

Mortgage is full of ups and downs, and that can become soul-crushing pretty quickly for aspirational LOs and average Joe’s alike. The question is, how can we beat the unpredictability?

What can we do to take our earnings from a fluctuating nightmare to firmly grounded bliss?

In this episode, Partner at Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Jelani Dorsey shares how he’s created enduring economic prosperity in the space of 3 months. 

"When it comes to coaching you’ve got to pay to play, and the best people charge what they’re worth." -Jelani Dorsey


  • How to beat the hit one, miss one nature of mortgage

    In the mortgage business, it’s common to have one exceptional month, followed by 90 days of nothing. How can we quit putting ourselves on the rollercoaster and cultivate stable successes?

  • Why we need to back away from budget business coaching

    How can we expect to see champion-level results when we’re only willing to put down a chump-level investment?

  • How to define our why

    What does our fed-up threshold look like? What will it take to say enough is enough? 


Guest Bio - 

Jelani Dorsey is a Partner at Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group. Prior to his most recent previous role as admission and community outreach coordinator at Breakthrough Public Schools, Jelani spent a decade in the finance industry, both working and interning at a hedge fund. He first entered the mortgage space in early 2020, and thanks to his astronomical growth, it's safe to say he hasn't looked back. 


To find out more, go to

How Kristin Keith TRIPLED Her Purchase Volume In Just 2 Months (Without Making a Single Cold Call)

None of us want to feel like we’re loan leeches, begging Realtors for their time, but so often, that’s what happens. How do we break that cycle?

We know we add a ton of value, so it’s time to stop haggling Realtors and let them know we hold the cookie. How can we adopt an attraction-based approach and kick our prospecting pleas to the curb, once and for all?

Is it possible to get maximum results without buying into dark age techniques like cold calling?

In this episode, mortgage specialist at Directors Mortgage, Kristin Keith shares how her experience at Mortgage Marketing Coach SUPERSIZED her business in just 2 months.  

"When it comes to success, there is no ‘try’, you're either doing it or not." -Kristin Keith

Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How to spend our time doing what WORKS

    Networking events aren’t all bad, but are they really the best, most productive use of our time?

  • How to get more RELIABLE results

    Are we really willing to sit with feelings of angst and sleepless nights for the rest of our working lives?

  • Why mindset matters more than we think

    Whether they’re athletes, world leaders, or business owners, all of the greats have a strong mindset in common. Why would it be any different for mortgage pros? 


Guest Bio -

Kristin Keith is a mortgage specialist at Directors Mortgage in Eugene, Oregon. Passionate about helping people, Kristin has spent over a decade in loans and the last four in mortgages. 


To find out more, go to:

5 Mindless Myths That Hold Most Mortgage Pros Back From Their Full Potential (And The BIG Money)

We all want to make it in this business, but far too many of us are being held back by stumbling blocks. What's stopping us from making our dreams a reality?

Unfortunately, most of the time the obstacles in our way come in the form of mythical ideas, taken for granted as fact. We're not being held back- we're holding ourselves back!

What are the myths we're telling ourselves, and how can we quit believing them, once and for all? 

In this episode, I count down the 5 fallacies keeping us from financial FREEDOM. 

"Shatter the myths you’re buying into so you can step into power and prosperity." -Doren Aldana

Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode

  • Why lack of experience puts us at an ADVANTAGE
    How can we get over feeling like we're too young, new to the space, or inexperienced to get mind-blowing results? 

  • How being an aggressive salesperson holds us back
    None of us enjoy dealing with aggressive salespeople in our own lives, so why would our clients be any different? 

  • Why investing in a coach is more important than we think
    Something all the world's greatest athletes have in common is coaching. Shouldn't we follow their lead?
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