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5 Hiding Places Mortgage Pros Use To ”Play It Safe” That Keep Them Achieving Greatness!

We all have a tendency to play it safe, because that’s part of the human experience. However, by staying in our convenience zones, we’re only stopping ourselves from moving into our CONQUER zones, so we have to figure out where our comfort lies and how to break free from it, for good.


What are we doing to stay in the easy, breezy space we’re in, and how can we shift away from it so we nullify our chances of stagnation? Which of our day to day activities are taking us to the precipice of mediocrity, and what do those who SOAR do, instead? 


In this episode, I’m shining a spotlight on the 5 places LOs hide from their own greatness, so we can cut them out of our lives, once and for all.


"Step into your champion self, feel the fear and do it anyway." -Doren Aldana





  • When social media does more harm than good

    If social media isn’t the main thing we should be doing to grow our businesses, what should we be doing instead? 


  • Why perfectionism is holding us back from brilliance

    Is trying to be ‘perfect’ stopping us from getting the best results possible?


  • How to kick imposter syndrome to the curb

    We’ve all experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our lives. The question is, how do we push past it?

5 BIG Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Enough Realtor Referrals (And How to Fix It)!

There’s no faster way for LOs to grow their business than by partnering with top-producing Realtors. However, as many mortgage pros know, that can feel like a mammoth task. 


What is it that’s stopping us from building strong relationships with top Realtors, and what can we do about it? How can we go from feeling like a loan leech to coming at agents from a power position where we hold the cookie?


In this episode, I’m delving into what’s holding agents back from stepping into their best season yet, so they can kick those barriers to the curb, for good! 


"You can have it exactly the way you want it, if you don’t settle." -Doren Aldana





  • How to crack the code of the words that WORK

    The right ‘hook’ for top producers ain’t ‘great service’ and it’s DEFINITELY NOT ‘great rates’ what is it?


  • How to position ourselves as welcome guests (rather than annoying pests!)

    Are we showing up attractive, or are we grovelling at the feet of Realtors, begging for crumbs? 


  • The key difference between loan hawkers and problem solvers

    Are our strategies making us easily replaceable in the eyes of top producing agents?

3 Reasons Why We Unwittingly Self-Sabotage Our Own Success (And How to Support Yourself to Soar)!

More often than not, our failure to reach our goals isn’t coming from incompetence, but because we’re unknowingly getting in our own way. The good news is, once we pinpoint the things we’re doing to self-sabotage, we can cut them out for good. 


However, identifying the things we’re doing to hold ourselves back can be easier said than done. How can we diagnose our problem areas, so we can bounce into a season of health, wealth and prosperity? What are the common blindspots for mortgage professionals and how can we quit letting them shroud our success? 


In this episode, I’m summing up the 3 ways LOs are holding themselves back from their biggest wins, so we can put a stop to them TODAY. 


"There is no breakthrough WITHOUT that isn’t preceded by breakthrough WITHIN." -Doren Aldana




  • How a poor self image is robbing us of happiness

    How much joy are we giving up by believing that we’re only worthy of love, acceptance and success when we’re actively doing something? 


  • How to stop letting sucky emotions dictate our next moves

    Are we making poor business decisions because we’re too caught up in fear? 


  • The key to kicking bad strategies to the curb

    Why are we choosing to do things the hard way and what can we do to break the cycle?

The TOP 3 Best Mortgage Lead Generation Sources That Are Levels Above The Rest

If we waste all our time on mediocre lead sources, we’ll only ever get mediocre results, and none of us got into this business to be average!


Which lead sources are most likely to get us the results we want, and what makes them so much better than all the rest? How much harder do we need to work to secure the lead sources that separate the good from the GREAT in our business?


In this episode, I share the 3 lead gen sources GUARANTEED to put LOs in the top tier of mortgage professionals (and how to get them!).


"The better quality the lead, the better quality your life!" -Doren Aldana





  • How to partner up with top producing Realtors

    Reaching out to top Realtors is daunting at the best of times, so how can we get them to partner with us when they’re already married to their current lenders? 


  • How to generate pre-sold referrals from past clients

    Is there a systematic way to turn past clients into red-hot referrals?


  • The key to tapping into our personal networks

    How can we get referrals from our personal networks without feeling awkward and uncomfortable?

5 Steps for Building a Rock-Solid Recession-Proof Business So You Can Prosper in Unprosperous Times

We’re living in crazy times and Covid lockdowns have certainly created more turbulence in our market, but the reality is, ebbs and flows are a given. Our best defense? Being prepared in advance!


How can we safeguard ourselves from the coming fallout? What can we do to ensure our businesses are the last and least affected by market downturns?


In this episode, you’re invited to a special training guide on how to stay winning in ANY market.


"In the wake of the upcoming impact on the economy, it’s now imore imperative than ever to protect yourself against the coming perils." -Doren Aldana





  • How to maximize repeat and referral business

    How many deals are we leaving on the table by neglecting our past clients? 


  • How to build stability through diversification

    The parthenon stands today because it has multiple pillars holding it up. Why should our mortgage businesses be any different?


  • Why mentoring ALWAYS pays in dividends

    How can we leverage the expertise of those who have gone before us, so blindspots stop tripping us up on the path to success?

The Top 5 B.S. Lies Most Mortgage Pros Believe That Keep Them Stuck on The Struggle Bus (And the TRUTH that Sets You FREE!)

Most LOs aren’t reaching their dreams, and it’s all because they’ve been fed LIES about what it takes to make it in mortgage.


What are those lies, and how can we root them out for good, so NOTHING stands in the way of our goals? Where do the lies come from in the first place?


In this episode, I’m sharing the biggest, most common lies told in the industry, so we can impeach them, once and for all!


"Stop being realistic and start realizing you can have it any way you want it." -Doren Aldana





  • How to flip the idea that success takes time on its head
    Should it really take 12, 24 or more months to reach our income goals?


  • How to break free from the strategies that hold us back
    If something hasn’t worked for us in the past, why the heck would doing MORE of it do anything to change that? 


  • When to take the leap into our dreams
    Should we play it safe until we feel truly competent and confident in what we know?

3 Proven Strategies to Shift From REACTIVE MODE to PROACTIVE MODE

None of us want to spend our lives in reactive mode, but we don't want to lose a paycheck either, so more often than not, LOs end up stressed out and anxiety-ridden as a default.


Is it even possible to break free from the cycle of reactivity? If being available round the clock isn't good for us, what should we be doing instead, and how can we do it without putting our livelihoods at risk? 


In this episode, I'm sharing 3 ways to minimize pressure while MAXIMIZING prosperity.

"If you want to make big moves, being in reactionary mode does not bode well." -Doren Aldana




  • The magic of a morning routine

    Just how valuable is a healthy routine, and why does it need to take place in the mornings, specifically? 


  • Who to show up for, first and foremost

    Who is our most important client and what are the consequences if we don’t serve them at the highest level? 


  • How to break Parkinson’s law

    How can we kick procrastination to the curb, stat?

3 BIG Reasons Why Most Mortgage Pros Put Up With Being Their Realtors’ Loan Bitch (And How to Finally Get the Respect and Referrals You Deserve!)

For many of us, the thought of an LO being in the driver’s seat is akin to the Loch Ness Monster: we hear about it, but we never see it for ourselves. Why is it that a mortgage pro holding the cookie seems so foreign to us?


Where have loan officers gone so wrong, and how can we start re-positioning ourselves, so Realtors give us the respect we deserve? Is it possible to do it WITHOUT reinventing the wheel?


In this episode, I’m diving into the 3 things that have made mortgage pros meek and weak- and how to flip the switch!

"When you don’t have the right dynamic in your relationship with Realtors, you will feel forced to answer calls every minute of the day." -Doren Aldana





  • Why begging for business will only stunt our success

    Are we chasing business, or are we attracting it? 


  • The importance of differentiation

    Great rates and service are a GIVEN. What are we doing to offer Realtors unique, exclusive value? 


  • The risk of having a SCARCITY mindset

    Are we bending over backward for Realtors because we’re scared to say no?

Why Mortgage Pros Never Break the 10 Deals Per Month Barrier

Very few mortgage pros do 10 deals a month, and even fewer do it consistently. What are the secrets of those who are getting it right, and where are the vast majority of us going so wrong?  


How can we start thinking like industry top dogs, so 10 deals a month, EVERY month, becomebest-kept a given


In this episode, I share the 3 biggest weaknesses holding mortgage pros back from greatness (and how to stop them from stopping us!)


"Even 1% doubt will take you out, so you have to show up every day with your beliefs in alignment with your dreams." -Doren Aldana





  • How to stop letting weak marketing stunt your growth
    What are the key clues that our marketing is all wrong?


  • Why we need to kick stinkin' thinking for good
    How can we start showing up feeling like the champions we are and quit cowering in the shadows of self-limitation? 


  • How to pick the right mentors
    Is there a way to pinpoint those guaranteed to get us to our full potential?

3 Simple Ways To Build Your Purchase Business - FAST! (Without Cold Calling Realtors)!

Diversification is the best way to stay afloat in any market, so if we've been focused on REFIs exclusively until now,  it's time to shift into the purchase market. However, to make the most of the purchase space, we have to approach it the right way. The question is, how do we do that? 


What can we do to stand out to the best Realtors in the business, so we're not just getting any purchase deals, but the cream of the crop? More importantly, is it possible to do that without begging, pleading, and annoying everyone along the way? 


In this episode, I'm sharing 3 ways to build a purchase business quickly and effectively, so we can reap the long-lasting benefits in no time at all.

"If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting, and that's unacceptable!" -Doren Aldana




  • How to make the most of our networks

    How can we tap into the GOLDMINES that are our networks? Is there a way to reach out to our existing spheres without coming across as annoying? 


  • How to turn one and done transactions into repeat and referral business

    How can we continue to be the first (and only!) LO people think of when mortgage comes to mind? 


  • What it takes to get into the inner sanctum of top dog Realtors

    How can we pick a more lucrative Realtor partner?

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