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The Top 5 Ways Mortgage Pros Sabotage Their Success

Many ambitious loan officers do everything they can to progress, grow, and expand but constantly find themselves stuck with short-lived successes, unfulfilled potential, and results they aren’t happy with. 


Even with the best intentions, they have a hard time getting out of their own way. Some things cannot be outrun by how hard we work. 


From sneaky stinking thinking to playing the mortgage game the wrong way, if certain internal and external obstacles aren’t dealt with, they will continue to obliterate our progress. 



What are some of the landmines that destroy our success? How can we change the things that are holding us back into things we’ve conquered? In this episode, I share the top 5 reasons why LOs sabotage themselves. 



Rarely will you attract more than what you believe you’re worthy or capable of. You can’t attract more than what your self-image dictates. -Doren Aldana   





  • How to break the cycle of self-sabotage
    The way we perceive ourselves and the world around us can either be the fuel that fires our achievement or the container that holds us back. 
  • How to take control of our self-image
    If we succeed beyond our self-defined level of success, we will inevitably crash, burn, and self-sabotage unless we take action… but what kind of action? 
  • How to stay focused on the big picture
    If time spent in our businesses is used up on minor tasks and things that don’t drive growth, we’re sabotaging our own success. There’s a big difference between building a practice and building a business.

How Jed Barker 5X’D His Income In 60 Days With Zero Cold Calling

Without a bold and strategic investment into ourselves and our dreams, it’s impossible to fully expand into the fullness of our potential and our capability. When we settle, we’re allowing where we are to drag us down like concrete and keep us stuck. 


We should be letting the desire for the life we want to pull us like a magnet. 


My guest today is someone whose business has quickly gone stratospheric because he made the right decision. He chose to be pulled by the future and it changed his mindset, his habits, and his action. 


He went from the challenges of trying to get his business off the ground to soaring and being on a million dollar trajectory in just 7 months! He possesses many quintessential traits of successful people, and he’s reaping the rewards. 


What are the decisions and activities that have opened up huge doors for him? How do we unlock our purpose and avoid settling? 


In this episode, mortgage advisor and client, Jed Barker shares how he transformed his business in a huge way and what the journey has been like. 

When I got into this business, I saw an opportunity to take my financial success to the next level and build a product I’m proud of. -Jed Barker



  • The secret to mortgage success we don’t talk about enough 
    Believing in ourselves is one part of the equation if we want to succeed in this business. We need to have confidence in something outside of ourselves, something that will help us take the right action every single day to put us on the right trajectory. 
  • How to bring Realtors value beyond leads
    If you think leads are all they want, you’re signing up to become a commodity. There’s a lot more we can bring to the table, and Jed’s journey teaches us a valuable lesson about that. 
  • How to turn your job into your divine purpose 
    When our beliefs align with our calling and our purpose, we tap into something bigger than us and our own individual effort. This will have a ripple effect that will shock us when we see who and what it touches. In this episode, you’ll learn how to make this happen.

Guest Bio 


Jed is an entrepreneur, mortgage advisor, and the CEO at Vivid Mortgage. Vivid Mortgage is a family owned and operated full-service broker based in Greenville, South Carolina. Jed specializes in providing high value to my business partners and clients. For more information, visit

What’s The Shortest Path to the Cash?

Every loan officer wants a business that is stable, systems-driven, and allows them to work with the best people. The problem is, through mistakes and the wrong methods, they end up stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. 


Right under our noses are business pillars that take us away from the drudgery of cold calling the same unenthusiastic agents all the time. 


We want a business that can work and generate income when we’re not working, and a way for us to achieve that coveted top-of-mind awareness.


The good news is, this is all within reach if we push the pedal on the right things. What is the shortest path to quality leads? How can we create content that takes us from chasing mediocre clients to attracting all-stars? In this episode, I share how to generate business by focusing on the assets that are already working in our favor.  



The shortest path to the cash will always be inextricably linked with attracting clients, not chasing them. -Doren Aldana  





Why we shouldn’t neglect our databases

If you have a database, treat it as an asset and not an afterthought. Building a system that allows us to consistently provide clients with value is the fastest and shortest path to cash. 


How to turn your business into a client magnet

The loan professionals who are on the shortest path to cash are the ones who position themselves as preeminent experts. If you don’t position yourself, you’ll become a replaceable commodity, and you will always have to chase clients. 


The power of referrals 

Referrals are a low hanging fruit if we are looking for the shortest path to the cash. The people who are happy with our work are the ones most likely to refer us to their circle. It’s easier to get referrals when we do such great work that our clients become our fans.



Why Settling for “Good” Holds You Back From Achieving GREATNESS!

When our definition of success is too close to our comfort zone, it’s easy to settle and slip into stagnation. Many loan officers aim for good enough, instead of reaching for greatness, and get sucked into complacency. 


If we truly want to build a business that fulfils and empowers us, it is critical that we push through the resistance, fear, and pain of leaving our comfort zone. That means not settling for “good”. That means realizing that comfort and growth are at odds with one another, and we can’t succeed if we cling to feeling comfortable.  


What are some of the mindsets that make us complacent and lead to us settling? 

Which attitudes lead us into stagnation and regression? In this episode, I share the perils of worshipping at the altar of complacency. 




Greatness is about always expanding and seeking new growth. The comfort zone will corrode your hunger for expansion. -Doren Aldana  




  • How to Celebrate Wins and Still Focus on Progress
    You want to celebrate your wins, but you don’t want to become complacent in the process. When we celebrate a win without thinking about the growth beyond it, we’ll take our foot off the gas and settle. 

  • Why Comparing Good to Average is a Hiding Place
    Average and good are different, but not by much. While good is better than average, it still falls short of the greatness that lies within us. If we only focus on being better than average, we will never challenge ourselves to be anything more.  

  • Why Greatness is Uncomfortable 
    The things that empower us and lead us to greatness aren’t usually comfortable or easy. To become extraordinary, we have to be willing to go through the rejection of our comfort zones and the discomfort of discipline.

Why Mortgage Pros Fail & Fall Way Short Of Their Full Potential

There are small and subtle ways that make it hard for us to reach our full potential. 

Even some of the most talented and capable LOs are constantly hitting a ceiling, regardless of their intentions and ambitions. 

What are some of the biggest reasons LOs have a hard time going from mediocre to extraordinary results? 

How do limiting beliefs get in the way of our potential? What does it take to experience holistic success?

In this episode, I share the 7 things that hold mortgage professionals back from reaching their goals in a meaningful and lasting way. 

The secret to living a mediocre life is setting small, ‘reasonable’ goals. -Doren Aldana  


What you’ll learn in this episode 


The limiting belief that will subconsciously stop you from fully committing.

We hold ourselves back from pursuing bigger goals because we have developed limiting beliefs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep growing. Better understanding our limiting beliefs can help us break free from them. 


The one challenge that dictates an LO’s ability to excel 

Too many mortgage pros stop themselves because they’re intimidated by this challenge. Once you understand how to flip the script, this challenge becomes an opportunity. Listen to the show for details!


Why it’s time to stop winging it and start creating your successful routine

Whether we’re top producers or not, we all have the same number of hours in a day. We have to use our time more wisely if we want to see the rewards. 

Once You Master This Process, You’ll Get 3+ Deals Per Month For Every 100 Past Clients In Your Database

As mortgage professionals, we have a moral obligation to make the biggest impact we can and serve our clients to the best of our abilities. We can do so much more good in the world by growing our businesses, so what’s holding us back?

One of the best ways to maximize our profits is by taking advantage of repeat clients and referrals. How can we guarantee this type of business?

The answer lies in mastery. We have to master the art of database marketing. This is non-negotiable: it’s a necessity. The great thing is, if we use the right systems along the way, this doesn’t need to add to our workload. Quite the opposite; we can earn more, while doing less. 

In this episode, I share how to get more than 3 deals a month for every 100 past clients in our databases, on autopilot! 



Cut the clutter and nonsense and get straight to what works: database marketing done right.
-Doren Aldana




  • Save time, money and stress with systems
    Having the right systems in place helps us achieve bigger results, with minimal effort. Master systems that provide an endless stream of repeat business, but remember, commitment is key. The right systems aren’t a luxury, but a necessity. 
  • Get reviewed in the right places
    Getting fewer reviews than our competitors is the easiest way to leave money on the table. Ask for reviews the right way and make sure those reviews are visible in the right places. Potential clients are using Google to find mortgage professionals, so that’s where we need to be visible.

  • Stay in touch meaningfully
    To build long-term relationships with past clients, we have to stay top of mind; staying in touch with them is the best way to do that. Reach out to them through a trigger campaign: send out communications on birthdays, mortgage anniversaries and other special occasions.

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection and Get Your Power Back

In order to grow our businesses and allow them to become vehicles of freedom, abundance and fulfillment, it’s important that we have a system for attracting our ideal clients. The most potently proactive activity we can do to make that happen is building relationships with top notch agents.

It’s hard to achieve this and stand up in our greatness when it’s being blocked by fear and call reluctance.

That’s why it’s crucial that we align ourselves with the mindset, energy and practice that unlocks confidence consistently.

How do we shift away from call reluctance and take the steps that draw us into our power and meaningful motivation? In this episode, I talk about the truth behind your call reluctance and fear of marketing yourself effectively, and how to step into your power so you can achieve your dreams.

There’s no place for fear of call reluctance and fear of rejection, when we shift our consciousness and priorities from taking to giving, from selling to serving. -Doren Aldana  




What call reluctance reveals about you

Call reluctance and fear of rejection don’t happen in a vacuum, they are a symptom of a much deeper problem. It’s a sign that underneath it all, we have lack, limitation, inadequacy and fear. 


Why we need to release the wrong clients 

If we have clients or partners we don’t enjoy working with, release them instead of trying to force it. The Universe has a way of bringing the right people into our orbit when we release the wrong one without animosity. 


How to get more fulfillment out of your business

You want to go narrow, deep and rich with a few people instead of going wide and shallow with many. Focus on working with less people who really align with you instead of working with anyone and everyone. Quality knocks out quantity every single time if you want a business that gives you freedom. 

How to Stop Being the “Bottleneck” In Your Busin

Business owners become trapped when they decide to do it all themselves. It hinders growth and freedom and makes it harder for the business to build wealth. 

The truth is, even the best, smartest and most talented people don’t serve every purpose and role in their companies. With the best intentions, you can end up holding everything up because there’s so much on your plate. 

The goal shouldn’t be to be to control everything, but to run a finely oiled machine that allows you to step into true freedom. The whole goal of making bold, intelligent strategic investments in your business is to remove you from being a bottleneck. What are the perils of filling up our time doing menial tasks and not delegating them? How can you liberate yourself so you can catapult your business?

In this episode, I talk about how to get more freedom, and get your business out of survival mode. 


You’re not going to be able to build a business that sets you free if you think that you have to do it yourself if you want it done right. -Doren Aldana  




  • Why you shouldn’t be a generalist 
    Focus on being a specialist, not a generalist. Specialists bring unique value to the table and can have more freedom in their businesses because they can hire highly talented people. 
  • How to truly set yourself apart with value 
    What makes you a bottleneck in your business is the erroneous belief that the only unique value you offer is to be available all the time. You can have time freedom and be more present with your family and interests without losing business. 
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding your business back 
    There are belief systems that allow you to create systems and belief systems that will keep you enslaved to your business. Limiting beliefs don’t usually come along. People who believe they have to do it all, also believe that there isn’t any quality talent that matches their standard.

We also discussed:

  • Why you shouldn’t be a generalist 
  • How to truly set yourself apart with value 
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding your business back

Why Realtors Don’t Give You the Time of Day and How to Fix It

A lot of mortgage professionals are thriving riding the Refi boom, but the fact is, rates will go up at some point and we have to be prepared for that. Now is the time to start dominating in the purchase market, and to do that, we need to start building relationships with the top-producing Realtors in our markets.

How can we build relationships with top Realtors when they’re notorious for not giving most loan officers the time of day? The key lies in differentiating ourselves.

To stand out to Realtors, we need to show them we’re more than just loan officers who can fog a mirror. That said, we also don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make an impact. Distinguishing ourselves is often simpler than we think.

How can we stand out to Realtors and get them to give us the time of day? On this episode, we discuss how to get top Realtors to take notice of us. 


Riding the Refi boom is always great. However, when rates go up, you don't want to be scrambling to get into the purchase market. Set up solid foundations so when it happens, you’re prepared. -Doren Aldana  



  • Stop following the herd
    Conventional methods produce conventional results, so stop following the crowd. Focus on bringing unique value to Realtors and stop competing with the masses who do the bare minimum.
  • Reposition what we do
    We aren’t in the mortgage industry, we’re in the marketing industry. The money is in marketing, so when we introduce ourselves as marketing partners, Realtors take note. 
  • Be different, but don’t reinvent the wheel
    Often loan officers shy away from offering unique value because we’re worried we’re not creative enough. However, the best way to bring great value is by sharing tried-and-tested systems with Realtors. Don’t waste time looking for something new and improved, find what works and stick with it!

Busting the “I’ve Already Got a Mortgage Lender” Objection

In order to be effective at building partnerships with top-dog Realtors, we need to be able to handle objections like pros. We need to have the superpower of eliminating those objections in advance by constantly raising the standard of what we’re offering. 

It’s common to experience apathy and high walls of resistance from the agents we approach, along with the dreaded objection, “I’ve already got a Mortgage Lender.”

If we equip ourselves with the tools, mindset and know-how to handle and obliterate this objection, it will never get in our way again. 

What is the root cause of this objection and what does it tell us about how the agent sees us? How can we become so irreplaceable and indispensable that all those lame objections just magically melt away? In this episode, we talk about how to objection-proof yourself, and become the LO agents want to work with.


The objection “I already have a lender” is a smoke screen, and a symptom that you’re doing things the wrong way and the hard way. -Doren Aldana 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • What top dog agents are looking for in lender partners 
    When agents say they are already working with another agent, it’s because we’re not bringing anything unique and compelling to the table. Top dog agents are looking for unique value and people who can bring them the results matched with their standards. 
  • Why we need to focus on improving our marketing ability 
    When you realize that you’re a marketing professional first and a mortgage professional second, you will start to pursue building marketing muscle instead of the minutiae that doesn’t push us forward or appeal to top agents.
  • The true message behind the “I’ve already got a lender” objection
    Saying they already work with an LO is a smoke screen and an excuse to get you off the phone. They’ll only do this if they see you as another run of the mill LO, and not a potential partner who stands out from the crowd.

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