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The ”BIG 3” Realtor Objections That Stop Most LOs

Objections are a normal part of the game of business but unfortunately, many LOs let that pushback discourage them from taking further action.

What are the top objections mortgage professionals face, and how can we get past them?

In this episode, I present the various reasons why objections often stop mortgage professionals in their tracks and how to overcome them.


No event is good or bad except the meaning we add to it. -Doren Aldana  


Three Things We Learned  

  • Why Realtors give us lame objections
    What are the most common reasons real estate agents say "no" to us?
  • 5 big reasons why objections trip us up
    What factors affect us when we get objections?
  • The ultimate value proposition for attracting top-producing Realtor partners
    What offers make Realtors need us more than we need them?

How to Cultivate Massive Confidence to Close More Loans!

A lot of what’s happening right now is stealing our confidence - a massive market shift, low inventory, hyper-competition, margin compression and higher prices. It's becoming harder to do business, and many people are struggling to earn only a fraction of what they used to make.

Amid these challenges, what role does a high level of confidence play in keeping mortgage professionals in business?

In this episode, I discuss how you can cultivate massive confidence so you can close more deals.


"We build muscles by lifting weights heavier than what feels comfortable, heavier than what we're used to, and that’s how we step into the best version of ourselves." -Doren Aldana


Three Things We Learned

  • What a lack of confidence looks like
    How can you tell you lack confidence, and how can you fix it?

  • Three different ways we kill our own confidence
    What kinds of thoughts and actions destroy our self-confidence?
  • Three keys to cultivating massive confidence
    How can we build our self-confidence rather than destroy it?

The #1 Reason Why Your Income Is Going Backwards (And How to Fix It - Regardless of Rates or Inventory)!

A lot of people are struggling with the challenges in the marketplace from hyper-competition, income regression, to low inventory, and rising rates.

Understandably, many LOs are freaking out – they're working longer and harder for less, their net income has dropped considerably, or they’re having a hard time converting deals into contracts.

On the other side of this adversary, however, is an enormous opportunity because regardless of the condition, people will be getting into the market, moving up in the market, and getting divorced.

All those require transactions that might as well be transactions with your name on them! In this episode, I shed a brighter light on the number one reason why your income is going backwards and how to fix it, regardless of challenges in the market.


"If we’re entering into new domains, we are stepping out of our comfort zones. And when we step out of our comfort zones, we discover how much we need to learn." -Doren Aldana  



  • What's really causing your business to go backward
    There are causes, and there are exacerbators. What’s the difference between both?
  • Why most LOs fail to attract Realtors
    Why do most mortgage professionals get no-shows, BS excuses, and a high wall of distrust from Realtors?
  • How to build a recession-proof mortgage business
    Why should you have a list of top-producing Realtors who need you more than you need them, adore you, and send you deals?

Ask Me Anything: The Best Way to Get More Transactions in the Middle of a Market Shift

At a time when everyone is getting hit by the storm of a market shift, it's important to have a strong base of top-producing realtor partners, especially if you’re new to the game.

In this kickass Q&A session, I talk about the best and shortest way to get more transactions and master the purchase market when you don’t have a stable of 10-15 rockstar Realtors sending you all the business yet.


The shortest path to the cash is always going to be top-producing Realtor partners. -Doren Aldana  



  • How to get more Realtor referrals without cold calling
    The importance of having a Realtor-attracting system, the right mindset, and the right posture.
  • How to build a rock-solid recession-proof business in the purchase market
    What is the best way to build stability? Does diversification work?
  • How to stay motivated when things are tough
    How do you induce motivation when you clearly lack it?

3 Killer Strategies for Winning More Deals in a Crazy Sellers’ Market!

In this crazy seller’s market, it’s safe to say that LOs are feeling the heat on a lot of fronts. Rates are going up, margin compression is the order of the day, inventory is crazy low and the refi gold rush is hitting the point of diminishing returns.

How do we get traction under these conditions and still build a solid recession-proof business?

In this episode, I’m going to share 3 peace-of-mind-inducing winning strategies that will still get you to planet prosperity even as market conditions get more challenging.


"In this crazy seller’s market, everyone is clamoring after the same Realtors because rates are going up, inflation is going up, and the refi boom is drying up." -Doren Aldana  



  • How to strategically guide clients to victory in a multiple offer scenario
    What powerful steps can you take to get your buyers under contract even if they’re not the winning bidder?
  • High level marketing strategies to win over the best and brightest Realtor partners
    To succeed in a seller’s market, we need a bench of top producing Realtor partners, but how do we prime them to want to work with us when so many LOs are clamoring for their attention?
  • Why helping Realtors get more listings will propel our businesses
    What is the ultimate bait for winning buyer clients in this crazy market?

How to Insulate Yourself from Margin Compression, Rising Rates, Low Inventory and Recession!

With inflation rates only continuing to rise, we're on the cusp of a situation where average mortgage pros are set to drop like flies, while only the true winners remain. Our only option is to insulate ourselves from the market…but how?

How can we position ourselves in such a way that it doesn't matter what's going on in the market, and we can excel regardless? Is there a way to protect ourselves from market conditions?

In this episode, I'm sharing how to stay afloat and thrive in absolutely any market.


"Whether you like it or not or know it or not, people are searching you online, so you can't afford to be lackluster about your marketing strategies." -Doren Aldana



  • The importance of building a well-diversified, solid stable of top producing Realtor partners
    How many top producer partners should we be aligned with, and how can we capture their attention in the first place?
  • How to build a 5-star reputation online
    Having a reputation that precedes us will always be the key to success in any market, but how can we go about building one?
  • Why we need a multi-pillared, multimedia database marketing system in place
    Transactions will continue to take place, regardless of the state of the market, so how can we ensure we're in front of consumers, no matter where they are?

3 Simple Steps to DOUBLE Your Loan Commissions in 90 Days or Less! (Without Cold Calling or Working More Hours)

With rising interest rates and low inventory today’s hot topics, many loan officers have begun to question how they’ll not just survive, but thrive in today’s economy, but what we should really be asking is, who cares about the economy?

How can we build rock-solid lending businesses that thrive in absolutely any market? More importantly, is it possible to do that without adding a ton of time and effort to our plates?

In this episode, you’re invited to a complimentary training session on how to supersize your business while working less, PLUS, how to do all that in any economy.


"Screw the economy: you can make it in any market!" -Doren Aldana  




  • How to stop pandering to below-average agents, once and for all
    How can we build the confidence required to reach out to the top dogs, so we never need to deal with another low producer again?

  • Why a rockstar Loan Officer Assistant is the key to success
    What would it take for us to stop trying to do it all and outsource, already?
  • How to increase our earnings per client
    If we’re going to work, we might as well get rich, so why not reach for the plumpest, juiciest fruit from the get go?

How to Pivot from Refi to Purchase the SMART WAY - Without Buying Leads or Cold Calling!

The last few years have been incredible for mortgage pros, with the refi boom offering up an abundance of low-hanging fruit. However, when that fruit starts drying up, it’s time to start looking for our bounty elsewhere, and the best option available to us is the purchase market


The problem is, now that we’ve become so accustomed to refis, many LOs just don’t know how to approach the purchase market anymore. 


How can we make the necessary shift away from refis before it’s too late? What are the key differences between the refi and purchase markets, anyway?


In this episode, I’m sharing the tidbits you need to know about moving into the purchase space, no matter how long you’ve been relying on refi deals. 


Pivoting from refi business to the purchase market is the equivalent of building the mansion of your dreams on a rock solid foundation, not quicksand. -Doren Aldana




  • The unique benefits of the purchase market
    What is it that makes purchase such a solid foundation for a business, in the first place? 


  • How to tell if you’re doing it the hard way
    Is moving into the purchase space really as tough as most LOs make it out to be, or is that just a self-limiting belief we’ve bought into? 


  • 1 way to work smarter and faster
    Does success in the purchase market have a ‘cheat code’?

3 Success Principles That Separate The Top 1% Income Earners From All The Rest!

In our business, there are top earners, and there is everyone else…so what would it take to move from the latter to the former?


What is it that separates the champs from the chumps, and how can we start emulating the top 1%? What’s their secret sauce, and how can we get a hold of their recipe?


In this episode, I’m diving into the top 3 principles that allow the shining stars in our industry to prosper, so we can follow in their footsteps! 


Rainmaking always pays better than paper pushing. -Doren Aldana




  • How to THINK like a top earner
    Are our dreams audacious enough to keep us inspired? 


  • The fool-proof formula for prosperity
    What are the 3 things guaranteed to keep us fulfilled in every aspect of our lives? 


  • Why delegation is non-negotiable for one percenters
    It’s one thing to fall under the 1% of income earners, but how can we put ourselves in a position to truly enjoy the fruits of our labor?

Ask Me Anything Part 2: What’s Your Single Most Important Question About Growing Your Mortgage Business?

No one got into this business to be average, but most LOs slide down the path to mediocrity remarkably soon after getting started, and the majority of the time, that’s because of fear


We aren’t always aware of it, but fear has the ability to stop us from achieving in all areas of life, business included, and if we don’t stop it in its tracks, it can completely sabotage our chances of success.


So, how do we kick that fear to the curb? Better yet, how do we identify when fear is what’s tripping us up in the first place? 


In this second edition of my ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, I’m tackling your fear-based questions, so you can move beyond them, once and for all! 

Own your winner’s identity and operate from a place of victory. -Doren Aldana




  • How to position ourselves as winners when dealing with Realtors

    Could our personalities be preventing more top producers from wanting to work with us? 


  • How to overcome call reluctance

    Is there a way to pivot the way we think about prospecting, so instead of dreading it, we look forward to it? 


  • The key to a more consistent pipeline

    Are we unwittingly sabotaging our pipelines by clinging to our comfort zones?

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