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How Terri Core Turned Her Annual Income Into Her Monthly Income… In Just 3 Months!

We all want to be successful, but sometimes our aspirations are about more than better results. Sometimes, reaching our income goals is a necessity. The problem is, when we’re in survival mode, it can be difficult to have faith in our ability to make it happen. 


How can we get ourselves to take the leap and do what we need to do when we can’t afford to fail? How can we push past the fears holding us back from true freedom?


In this episode, Senior LO at CMG Financial, Terri Core shares how she went from desperate and barely surviving, to totally thriving in the space of just 3 months. 


"It’s time to bust out of ‘I can’t afford it’ prison and get out at Planet Prosper!" -Doren Aldana




  • How to maintain our integrity while pushing for more
    Do we really need to choose between our values and our goals, or is there a way to have it all?


  • How to banish self-limiting beliefs, for good!
    How can we get rid of imposter syndrome and the little voice telling us we can’t, once and for all? 


  • The key to changing our perception of Realtors
    How can we go from working with Realtors because we have to, to aligning with them because we enjoy their company and have their respect?


Guest Bio - 


Terri Core is a Senior Loan Officer at CMG Financial. While Terri has a history in the business, she stepped out amid the Financial Crisis to pursue a career in the education space. While she battled against numerous challenges upon her return to mortgage in December 2020, she’s since begun working with Mortgage Marketing Coach, and having turned her previous yearly income into her monthly earnings, it’s safe to say she’s not about to look back!

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The Hidden Secret to Success That Separates the Top 1% Income Earners From All The Rest!

One of the hardest pills to swallow in mortgage is most LOs just won’t achieve champion-level results, and that’s because they’re taking the wrong approach.


What are1% income earners doing that the other 99% aren’t? Where is the average Joe going so wrong, and what are the first steps to course-correction? 


In this episode, I’m discussing the M3 strategy that’s helped our clients get bigger results, faster, without needing to work harder. 


"Get your mindset, habits and emotions in sync with your dream." -Doren Aldana




  • The power of having effective marketing

    How can we create marketing strategies that target top producers, so we never need to deal with low-level lead sources that never convert, again? 


  • How to create a more productive mindset

    What can we do to set the tone for a more successful day, every day? 


  • Why mentorship is more important than most think

    Think of expert mentorship like baking cookies. Why wing the recipe when we could look up an award-winning formula that guarantees we get the best results?

How to Liberate Yourself From Procrastination Purgatory and Claim Your Power Now!

Something human beings in ANY profession know all too well is procrastination (and the devastating effects that accompany it). The question we should be asking ourselves is, how can we nip it in the bud?


What’s causing us to procrastinate in the first place, and is there anything we can do to stop it from stopping us?


In this episode, I’m sharing 3 ways to beat procrastination, so it never has to hold us back again!


"There’s never a perfect time, there’s always something too inconvenient to get started. If you let that stop you, it will!" -Doren Aldana





  • The importance of knowing our end goal

    What big, hairy, audacious dream are we giving up on when we procrastinate? 


  • Why positive visualization is the key to achievement

    How can we get up each day, excited about what’s to come, even if we haven’t achieved all our goals yet?


  • How to quit holding back and just start DOING it

    How can we get into the habit of taking action, even if it’s just one small step, everyday?

The FASTEST, Easiest Way To Crush Your Income Goals In Any Market, Regardless of a Pandemic or Low Inventory!

Whether we're facing lockdowns or inventory shortages, there's no doubt that we're in a time of great adversity. However, even in the wake of challenges, some LOs continue to win. 


What are they doing differently from everyone else? How can we mimic their moves and stop falling short of our potential, no matter how many difficulties we face? 


In this episode, I'm diving into how to stay winning in ANY situation (and what's holding you back from prosperity right now!).


"The difference between champions and the mediocre majority is, champions find a way to turn adversity into opportunity." -Doren Aldana



  • Why networking and visiting open houses can only take us so far
    Is it possible to create lifelong, fruitful friendships with Realtors without going out of our way to schmooze them? 


  • 1 thing to be mindful of with social media
    Are we doing blogs and social media posts because they offer a great ROI, or simply because everyone else is doing them? 


  • How to get agents champing at the bit to work with US
    How can we flip the script on Realtors and get them hot for what we've got, even in a tough market?

3 Common Mortgage Marketing Practices That Are a Complete Waste of Time and Money!

Most of the time, LOs fail to reach their full potential because they’re unwittingly choosing to do things the hard way. That said, it’s surprisingly easy to slip into bad habits that hold us back, and that’s why so many mortgage pros get mediocre results. 


What are the most common mistakes we’re making, and how can we root them out, for good? Why are we falling for so-called ‘strategies’ that only waste our time and money in the first place?


In this episode, I’m sharing 3 mistakes mortgage pros make on the regular, so we never have to make them again! 


"Stop getting caught up in the ‘follow the herd’ mentality. The very nature of the herd is they do what average people do and get what average people get!" -Doren Aldana




  • Why internet leads in isolation are a recipe for disaster
    Are internet leads ever our best bet? 


  • Why BLOGGING could be holding us back from bigger, faster results
    Is it worthwhile doing all the minutiae of a weekly blog or social media post if we’re not getting immediate results? 


  • 1 Thing to remember before running paid ads
    When is it a good idea to forego paid advertising, and what should we be doing instead?

5 Hiding Places Mortgage Pros Use To ”Play It Safe” That Keep Them Achieving Greatness!

We all have a tendency to play it safe, because that’s part of the human experience. However, by staying in our convenience zones, we’re only stopping ourselves from moving into our CONQUER zones, so we have to figure out where our comfort lies and how to break free from it, for good.


What are we doing to stay in the easy, breezy space we’re in, and how can we shift away from it so we nullify our chances of stagnation? Which of our day to day activities are taking us to the precipice of mediocrity, and what do those who SOAR do, instead? 


In this episode, I’m shining a spotlight on the 5 places LOs hide from their own greatness, so we can cut them out of our lives, once and for all.


"Step into your champion self, feel the fear and do it anyway." -Doren Aldana





  • When social media does more harm than good

    If social media isn’t the main thing we should be doing to grow our businesses, what should we be doing instead? 


  • Why perfectionism is holding us back from brilliance

    Is trying to be ‘perfect’ stopping us from getting the best results possible?


  • How to kick imposter syndrome to the curb

    We’ve all experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our lives. The question is, how do we push past it?

5 BIG Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Enough Realtor Referrals (And How to Fix It)!

There’s no faster way for LOs to grow their business than by partnering with top-producing Realtors. However, as many mortgage pros know, that can feel like a mammoth task. 


What is it that’s stopping us from building strong relationships with top Realtors, and what can we do about it? How can we go from feeling like a loan leech to coming at agents from a power position where we hold the cookie?


In this episode, I’m delving into what’s holding agents back from stepping into their best season yet, so they can kick those barriers to the curb, for good! 


"You can have it exactly the way you want it, if you don’t settle." -Doren Aldana





  • How to crack the code of the words that WORK

    The right ‘hook’ for top producers ain’t ‘great service’ and it’s DEFINITELY NOT ‘great rates’ what is it?


  • How to position ourselves as welcome guests (rather than annoying pests!)

    Are we showing up attractive, or are we grovelling at the feet of Realtors, begging for crumbs? 


  • The key difference between loan hawkers and problem solvers

    Are our strategies making us easily replaceable in the eyes of top producing agents?

3 Reasons Why We Unwittingly Self-Sabotage Our Own Success (And How to Support Yourself to Soar)!

More often than not, our failure to reach our goals isn’t coming from incompetence, but because we’re unknowingly getting in our own way. The good news is, once we pinpoint the things we’re doing to self-sabotage, we can cut them out for good. 


However, identifying the things we’re doing to hold ourselves back can be easier said than done. How can we diagnose our problem areas, so we can bounce into a season of health, wealth and prosperity? What are the common blindspots for mortgage professionals and how can we quit letting them shroud our success? 


In this episode, I’m summing up the 3 ways LOs are holding themselves back from their biggest wins, so we can put a stop to them TODAY. 


"There is no breakthrough WITHOUT that isn’t preceded by breakthrough WITHIN." -Doren Aldana




  • How a poor self image is robbing us of happiness

    How much joy are we giving up by believing that we’re only worthy of love, acceptance and success when we’re actively doing something? 


  • How to stop letting sucky emotions dictate our next moves

    Are we making poor business decisions because we’re too caught up in fear? 


  • The key to kicking bad strategies to the curb

    Why are we choosing to do things the hard way and what can we do to break the cycle?

The TOP 3 Best Mortgage Lead Generation Sources That Are Levels Above The Rest

If we waste all our time on mediocre lead sources, we’ll only ever get mediocre results, and none of us got into this business to be average!


Which lead sources are most likely to get us the results we want, and what makes them so much better than all the rest? How much harder do we need to work to secure the lead sources that separate the good from the GREAT in our business?


In this episode, I share the 3 lead gen sources GUARANTEED to put LOs in the top tier of mortgage professionals (and how to get them!).


"The better quality the lead, the better quality your life!" -Doren Aldana





  • How to partner up with top producing Realtors

    Reaching out to top Realtors is daunting at the best of times, so how can we get them to partner with us when they’re already married to their current lenders? 


  • How to generate pre-sold referrals from past clients

    Is there a systematic way to turn past clients into red-hot referrals?


  • The key to tapping into our personal networks

    How can we get referrals from our personal networks without feeling awkward and uncomfortable?

5 Steps for Building a Rock-Solid Recession-Proof Business So You Can Prosper in Unprosperous Times

We’re living in crazy times and Covid lockdowns have certainly created more turbulence in our market, but the reality is, ebbs and flows are a given. Our best defense? Being prepared in advance!


How can we safeguard ourselves from the coming fallout? What can we do to ensure our businesses are the last and least affected by market downturns?


In this episode, you’re invited to a special training guide on how to stay winning in ANY market.


"In the wake of the upcoming impact on the economy, it’s now imore imperative than ever to protect yourself against the coming perils." -Doren Aldana





  • How to maximize repeat and referral business

    How many deals are we leaving on the table by neglecting our past clients? 


  • How to build stability through diversification

    The parthenon stands today because it has multiple pillars holding it up. Why should our mortgage businesses be any different?


  • Why mentoring ALWAYS pays in dividends

    How can we leverage the expertise of those who have gone before us, so blindspots stop tripping us up on the path to success?

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