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3 Steps to Creating a Breakthrough in Your Purchase Pipeline… Without Cold Calling, Begging, or Bribing

Growing our purchase pipeline without making a ton of cold calls may sound too good to be true, but that’s only because we’ve become used to doing it the hard way.


Most LOs are so accustomed to begging Realtors for their business that the thought of doing it any other way seems downright audacious, but it doesn’t need to be. When we channel our efforts into working smarter, not harder, breakthrough becomes reality.


What can we do to flip the script on Realtors and get them to ask us for business? Is it truly possible to partner with top dog agents who bring us better deals without calling the same 40 Realtors every Monday?


In this episode, I’m sharing the 3 steps that guarantee purchase pipeline growth.


Work with people who have the highest capacity to send you the most business, the most often. -Doren Aldana




  • Why we need to stop wasting time working with mediocre agents:
    A lot of the time, we end up working harder than we should because we’re partnered with bottom feeder agents who do the bare minimum. How can we stop aligning with low producers for good? 

  • How to bait the right Realtors: 

    Superstar agents want to work with superstar mortgage pros. What can we bring to the table to show we’re the obvious choice for a lender partner? 

  • The process we should be taking agents through: 

    Could our approach with Realtors be the one thing stopping us from building fruitful relationships with them? What should we be doing instead? 


How Erica Dose Went From a 4-Year Rut of Stagnation to DOUBLING Her Purchase Business in Just 3 Months (Without Cold Calling)

Getting “good” results year after year may sound like a blessing, but every seasoned mortgage pro will agree that after a while, good just isn’t good enough. To feel fulfilled by our careers, we have to aspire to be great


The key differentiator between ordinary and extraordinary lies in growth, but far too many veteran LOs have tasted minor success and become complacent. 


Since it’s our comfort that keeps us settling for average, what can we do to bust out of our comfort zones for good? How can we stop reliving groundhog day and get back into enjoying our careers?


In this episode, Sales Manager at loanDepot, Erica Dose shares how Mortgage Marketing Coach helped her reach the next level of success.


If you don't grow, you'll go backwards, and if you go backwards you’ll end up in the ground. -Erica Dose



  • How to define our ‘why’ when we’re already relatively successful: 

    Once we’ve reached a certain level of success, money stops being our chief motivator. What’s really driving us to do more?

  • How to get past the debilitating fear of failure: 

    The chief reason so many mortgage pros stay in one spot is because they’re afraid of not being able to get to the next level. How can we overcome this once and for all? 

  • How to make decisions faster and more effectively: 

    Something all high achievers have in common is the ability to make decisions quickly. The question is, how can we be sure we’re making the right choice?


Guest Bio-

Erica Dose is a Sales Manager at loanDepot. An industry veteran with 18 years of experience in the business, Erica got her start in the business after her mother circled an ad in the paper shortly after her graduation, and she hasn’t looked back since. Erica holds a degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


To find out more, head to: 


How Having Less Realtor Partners Actually Makes You More Money

One of the biggest reasons loan officers struggle to delight in their work comes down to who they work with. Not all Realtors are created equal. Some energize us and our businesses, and others cause nothing but drama and trauma. If we're working with a lot of the wrong Realtors, we won’t be able to have more fun, flow, freedom, or funds. 

The problem is many mortgage pros believe they have to work with every single agent to have a healthy book of business, but the opposite is true. The most successful mortgage pros have designed their businesses around working with a special select few who value and respect them -- and send them a boatload of referrals. 

By going for quality over quantity, we get to maximize our performance and our results. 

Which Realtors are best to work with? How can we get more out of our businesses by working with fewer higher-quality partners? In this episode, I share the top 5 reasons less is more when it comes to who we work with. 


Be selective about the quality and caliber of partnerships so you’re getting maximum reward for the least amount of responsibility and stress. -Doren Aldana    




Why we have to choose our Realtor partners wisely:

Every client and Realtor comes at a cost. Some give us the delightful experience of flow, ease, and synergy. Others bring nothing but drudgery, drama, friction, and frustration. 



The trouble with average Realtors and low-producing agents: 

The average Realtor is too much thankless drama, difficulty, and trauma. We’ll get treated like a commodity with the mediocre results to match. Become irreplaceable and indispensable as a mortgage pro by making one simple change. 


How working with the right people improves our quality of life:

Working with a select few Realtors doesn’t just maximize our earnings. It maximizes our fulfillment, and the mental and emotional reward we get from our work. Think about all the areas of your life that will be improved! 

3 Hidden Obstacles to Success That Stop Most Mortgage Pros From Living Their Dream

Struggling mortgage professionals tend to blame external factors for their stagnation, but sometimes the culprit is a lot closer to them. Even with the best intentions, the highest level of potential, and the biggest dreams, there are still certain hidden obstacles that we can’t outrun or outperform until they are dealt with. 

These obstacles secretly suck the life out of our ability to achieve our full potential, and even the most talented people can become victims of them. 

How can we get rid of these insidious barriers to success? What practical steps can we take to make sure we’re equipped to soar? In this episode, I talk about three things that might be holding us back without our knowledge. 

Replace delusional optimism with clear-headed accurate thinking. -Doren Aldana  



  • Why fear does nothing to protect us from risk:  
    Human beings are naturally designed to look out for danger, so it seems wise to focus on fear and keep a watchful eye on risks. The problem is when we focus on fear, we expand the things we actually don’t want. What should we focus on instead?
  • How delusional optimism perpetuates our problems:
    Delusional optimism is when we expect things to get better without actually making any changes to aid the situation. How can we take action ourselves to pull our business out of stagnation?
  • What our terror barrier tells us about ourselves:
    Our comfort zone encircles our life and the current results we have. Stepping out of that will inevitably feel scary, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. That doesn’t mean we’re doing something wrong, it actually means something good is happening. How can we use it to create the life we want? 

7 Reasons Why It Pays to Proactively Pursue the Purchase Market (Even in a Refi Boom)

The recent half-point increase in conventional refinancing rates has rattled the cage of any LO who put all their focus on that market. Building your business on the ground of the refi market leaves you in a precarious and possibly desperate situation. 

You could literally lose your income in a matter of days and find yourself struggling. If refis are quicksand, there’s only one worthy alternative, purchase deals. 

Refis on their best and most lucrative day have nothing on the purchase market for a multitude of reasons. 

Doubling down on the purchase market isn’t an optional luxury. It should be a mission critical must and a front burner priority in our businesses, especially when everyone else is going all in on refis. 

What makes the purchase market better than the refi one? How do purchase deals allow us to strategically uptick our average commission? Why is a day’s work in the purchase market so much more fulfilling? In this episode, I talk about the unlimited opportunity in the purchase market. 



It pays in spades to be more deliberate, intelligent, and strategic about attracting purchase business. -Doren Aldana  




  • How the purchase market creates a chain of awesome 
    Purchase deals usually aren’t one-and-done transactions. They create reputation and relationships, and drive referrals and reviews. That one deal can be the foundation to a lifetime of business. 
  • Why purchase deals stand on solid ground
    Refi clients are price conscious and more focused on getting the lowest rates. Purchase clients are motivated by something entirely different, something more powerful. What makes them so special? 
  • The fulfillment we get from purchase deals that we don’t get from refis 
    The purchase market gives us the opportunity to be a conduit of contribution and a catalyst to a life-altering milestone. With refis, we’re nothing more than a commodity. 


The Top 5 Ways Mortgage Pros Sabotage Their Success

Many ambitious loan officers do everything they can to progress, grow, and expand but constantly find themselves stuck with short-lived successes, unfulfilled potential, and results they aren’t happy with. 


Even with the best intentions, they have a hard time getting out of their own way. Some things cannot be outrun by how hard we work. 


From sneaky stinking thinking to playing the mortgage game the wrong way, if certain internal and external obstacles aren’t dealt with, they will continue to obliterate our progress. 



What are some of the landmines that destroy our success? How can we change the things that are holding us back into things we’ve conquered? In this episode, I share the top 5 reasons why LOs sabotage themselves. 



Rarely will you attract more than what you believe you’re worthy or capable of. You can’t attract more than what your self-image dictates. -Doren Aldana   





  • How to break the cycle of self-sabotage
    The way we perceive ourselves and the world around us can either be the fuel that fires our achievement or the container that holds us back. 
  • How to take control of our self-image
    If we succeed beyond our self-defined level of success, we will inevitably crash, burn, and self-sabotage unless we take action… but what kind of action? 
  • How to stay focused on the big picture
    If time spent in our businesses is used up on minor tasks and things that don’t drive growth, we’re sabotaging our own success. There’s a big difference between building a practice and building a business.

How Jed Barker 5X’D His Income In 60 Days With Zero Cold Calling

Without a bold and strategic investment into ourselves and our dreams, it’s impossible to fully expand into the fullness of our potential and our capability. When we settle, we’re allowing where we are to drag us down like concrete and keep us stuck. 


We should be letting the desire for the life we want to pull us like a magnet. 


My guest today is someone whose business has quickly gone stratospheric because he made the right decision. He chose to be pulled by the future and it changed his mindset, his habits, and his action. 


He went from the challenges of trying to get his business off the ground to soaring and being on a million dollar trajectory in just 7 months! He possesses many quintessential traits of successful people, and he’s reaping the rewards. 


What are the decisions and activities that have opened up huge doors for him? How do we unlock our purpose and avoid settling? 


In this episode, mortgage advisor and client, Jed Barker shares how he transformed his business in a huge way and what the journey has been like. 

When I got into this business, I saw an opportunity to take my financial success to the next level and build a product I’m proud of. -Jed Barker



  • The secret to mortgage success we don’t talk about enough 
    Believing in ourselves is one part of the equation if we want to succeed in this business. We need to have confidence in something outside of ourselves, something that will help us take the right action every single day to put us on the right trajectory. 
  • How to bring Realtors value beyond leads
    If you think leads are all they want, you’re signing up to become a commodity. There’s a lot more we can bring to the table, and Jed’s journey teaches us a valuable lesson about that. 
  • How to turn your job into your divine purpose 
    When our beliefs align with our calling and our purpose, we tap into something bigger than us and our own individual effort. This will have a ripple effect that will shock us when we see who and what it touches. In this episode, you’ll learn how to make this happen.

Guest Bio 


Jed is an entrepreneur, mortgage advisor, and the CEO at Vivid Mortgage. Vivid Mortgage is a family owned and operated full-service broker based in Greenville, South Carolina. Jed specializes in providing high value to my business partners and clients. For more information, visit

What’s The Shortest Path to the Cash?

Every loan officer wants a business that is stable, systems-driven, and allows them to work with the best people. The problem is, through mistakes and the wrong methods, they end up stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. 


Right under our noses are business pillars that take us away from the drudgery of cold calling the same unenthusiastic agents all the time. 


We want a business that can work and generate income when we’re not working, and a way for us to achieve that coveted top-of-mind awareness.


The good news is, this is all within reach if we push the pedal on the right things. What is the shortest path to quality leads? How can we create content that takes us from chasing mediocre clients to attracting all-stars? In this episode, I share how to generate business by focusing on the assets that are already working in our favor.  



The shortest path to the cash will always be inextricably linked with attracting clients, not chasing them. -Doren Aldana  





Why we shouldn’t neglect our databases

If you have a database, treat it as an asset and not an afterthought. Building a system that allows us to consistently provide clients with value is the fastest and shortest path to cash. 


How to turn your business into a client magnet

The loan professionals who are on the shortest path to cash are the ones who position themselves as preeminent experts. If you don’t position yourself, you’ll become a replaceable commodity, and you will always have to chase clients. 


The power of referrals 

Referrals are a low hanging fruit if we are looking for the shortest path to the cash. The people who are happy with our work are the ones most likely to refer us to their circle. It’s easier to get referrals when we do such great work that our clients become our fans.



Why Settling for “Good” Holds You Back From Achieving GREATNESS!

When our definition of success is too close to our comfort zone, it’s easy to settle and slip into stagnation. Many loan officers aim for good enough, instead of reaching for greatness, and get sucked into complacency. 


If we truly want to build a business that fulfils and empowers us, it is critical that we push through the resistance, fear, and pain of leaving our comfort zone. That means not settling for “good”. That means realizing that comfort and growth are at odds with one another, and we can’t succeed if we cling to feeling comfortable.  


What are some of the mindsets that make us complacent and lead to us settling? 

Which attitudes lead us into stagnation and regression? In this episode, I share the perils of worshipping at the altar of complacency. 




Greatness is about always expanding and seeking new growth. The comfort zone will corrode your hunger for expansion. -Doren Aldana  




  • How to Celebrate Wins and Still Focus on Progress
    You want to celebrate your wins, but you don’t want to become complacent in the process. When we celebrate a win without thinking about the growth beyond it, we’ll take our foot off the gas and settle. 

  • Why Comparing Good to Average is a Hiding Place
    Average and good are different, but not by much. While good is better than average, it still falls short of the greatness that lies within us. If we only focus on being better than average, we will never challenge ourselves to be anything more.  

  • Why Greatness is Uncomfortable 
    The things that empower us and lead us to greatness aren’t usually comfortable or easy. To become extraordinary, we have to be willing to go through the rejection of our comfort zones and the discomfort of discipline.

Why Mortgage Pros Fail & Fall Way Short Of Their Full Potential

There are small and subtle ways that make it hard for us to reach our full potential. 

Even some of the most talented and capable LOs are constantly hitting a ceiling, regardless of their intentions and ambitions. 

What are some of the biggest reasons LOs have a hard time going from mediocre to extraordinary results? 

How do limiting beliefs get in the way of our potential? What does it take to experience holistic success?

In this episode, I share the 7 things that hold mortgage professionals back from reaching their goals in a meaningful and lasting way. 

The secret to living a mediocre life is setting small, ‘reasonable’ goals. -Doren Aldana  


What you’ll learn in this episode 


The limiting belief that will subconsciously stop you from fully committing.

We hold ourselves back from pursuing bigger goals because we have developed limiting beliefs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep growing. Better understanding our limiting beliefs can help us break free from them. 


The one challenge that dictates an LO’s ability to excel 

Too many mortgage pros stop themselves because they’re intimidated by this challenge. Once you understand how to flip the script, this challenge becomes an opportunity. Listen to the show for details!


Why it’s time to stop winging it and start creating your successful routine

Whether we’re top producers or not, we all have the same number of hours in a day. We have to use our time more wisely if we want to see the rewards. 

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