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3 Simple Steps to DOUBLE Your Loan Commissions in 90 Days or Less! (Without Cold Calling or Working More Hours)

With rising interest rates and low inventory today’s hot topics, many loan officers have begun to question how they’ll not just survive, but thrive in today’s economy, but what we should really be asking is, who cares about the economy?

How can we build rock-solid lending businesses that thrive in absolutely any market? More importantly, is it possible to do that without adding a ton of time and effort to our plates?

In this episode, you’re invited to a complimentary training session on how to supersize your business while working less, PLUS, how to do all that in any economy.


"Screw the economy: you can make it in any market!" -Doren Aldana  




  • How to stop pandering to below-average agents, once and for all
    How can we build the confidence required to reach out to the top dogs, so we never need to deal with another low producer again?

  • Why a rockstar Loan Officer Assistant is the key to success
    What would it take for us to stop trying to do it all and outsource, already?
  • How to increase our earnings per client
    If we’re going to work, we might as well get rich, so why not reach for the plumpest, juiciest fruit from the get go?

How to Pivot from Refi to Purchase the SMART WAY - Without Buying Leads or Cold Calling!

The last few years have been incredible for mortgage pros, with the refi boom offering up an abundance of low-hanging fruit. However, when that fruit starts drying up, it’s time to start looking for our bounty elsewhere, and the best option available to us is the purchase market


The problem is, now that we’ve become so accustomed to refis, many LOs just don’t know how to approach the purchase market anymore. 


How can we make the necessary shift away from refis before it’s too late? What are the key differences between the refi and purchase markets, anyway?


In this episode, I’m sharing the tidbits you need to know about moving into the purchase space, no matter how long you’ve been relying on refi deals. 


Pivoting from refi business to the purchase market is the equivalent of building the mansion of your dreams on a rock solid foundation, not quicksand. -Doren Aldana




  • The unique benefits of the purchase market
    What is it that makes purchase such a solid foundation for a business, in the first place? 


  • How to tell if you’re doing it the hard way
    Is moving into the purchase space really as tough as most LOs make it out to be, or is that just a self-limiting belief we’ve bought into? 


  • 1 way to work smarter and faster
    Does success in the purchase market have a ‘cheat code’?

3 Success Principles That Separate The Top 1% Income Earners From All The Rest!

In our business, there are top earners, and there is everyone else…so what would it take to move from the latter to the former?


What is it that separates the champs from the chumps, and how can we start emulating the top 1%? What’s their secret sauce, and how can we get a hold of their recipe?


In this episode, I’m diving into the top 3 principles that allow the shining stars in our industry to prosper, so we can follow in their footsteps! 


Rainmaking always pays better than paper pushing. -Doren Aldana




  • How to THINK like a top earner
    Are our dreams audacious enough to keep us inspired? 


  • The fool-proof formula for prosperity
    What are the 3 things guaranteed to keep us fulfilled in every aspect of our lives? 


  • Why delegation is non-negotiable for one percenters
    It’s one thing to fall under the 1% of income earners, but how can we put ourselves in a position to truly enjoy the fruits of our labor?

Ask Me Anything Part 2: What’s Your Single Most Important Question About Growing Your Mortgage Business?

No one got into this business to be average, but most LOs slide down the path to mediocrity remarkably soon after getting started, and the majority of the time, that’s because of fear


We aren’t always aware of it, but fear has the ability to stop us from achieving in all areas of life, business included, and if we don’t stop it in its tracks, it can completely sabotage our chances of success.


So, how do we kick that fear to the curb? Better yet, how do we identify when fear is what’s tripping us up in the first place? 


In this second edition of my ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, I’m tackling your fear-based questions, so you can move beyond them, once and for all! 

Own your winner’s identity and operate from a place of victory. -Doren Aldana




  • How to position ourselves as winners when dealing with Realtors

    Could our personalities be preventing more top producers from wanting to work with us? 


  • How to overcome call reluctance

    Is there a way to pivot the way we think about prospecting, so instead of dreading it, we look forward to it? 


  • The key to a more consistent pipeline

    Are we unwittingly sabotaging our pipelines by clinging to our comfort zones?

3 Deadly Landmines That Cause Mortgage Pros to Work Longer and Harder for Less!

The mortgage industry is full of well-meaning, gifted LOs who end up kicked to the curb, and it’s all because they haven’t been able to avoid the landmines in our business. 


The question is, what are those landmines, and why do so many mortgage pros end up succumbing to them?


If these deadly mistakes are so common, is it even possible to avoid them altogether?


In this episode, I’m outlining exactly where those dangerous slip ups lie, so more LOs have the ability to not just survive, but thrive in this business . 


If you're not getting the results you want, chances are, your plan sucks. -Doren Aldana




  • Why a lack of plan is a ticking time bomb

    How can we expect to reach planet prosper if we don’t even have the roadmap to get there?


  • The only landmine deadlier than not having a plan

    Are we unwittingly sabotaging ourselves by having a bad plan in place? 


  • Why execution is everything

    So, you have a plan. The question is, are you working it?

5 Signs You’re Marketing Your Mortgage Business The Hard Way!

With a new year comes the opportunity to redefine our energies, and in 2022, I’m urging you all to adopt the energy of champions


What would it take for us to believe we couldn’t fail this year? How can we get into the mindset that dictates success is not only achievable, but ours for the taking? 


In this episode, I’m sharing how to start thinking like the WINNERS we’ve been called to be, so we can stop doing it the hard way, already!


"If you want to attract the 10s, you’ve got to BE a 10." -Doren Aldana




  • How to break the cycle of meetings that go NOWHERE

    How can we stop regurgitating the same-old, bare minimum speech every other LO is pitching and start showing Realtors the kickass value we bring to the table? 


  • 1 way to kick battery drainers to the curb, once and for all

    How can we align ourselves with the A-players, so we’re never at the mercy of unreliable Realtors again? 


  • The truth about a rollercoaster income

    Is it really normal to have an inconsistent income, or could that be a symptom of a poor game plan? 

The MIND TRASH Mortgage Pros Believe That Gets Stinkin’ Results! (And How to Think Like a Champion)!

Stinkin’ thinkin’ only leads to stinkin’ results. When mediocre mind trash becomes the order of the day, even the most talented LOs will live a life of fruitless toil and frustration. 


What are the most harmful lies we need to kick to the curb right now? How do we cut ties with struggle, strife and stress right at the source? 


In today’s episode, I’m going to share how to stop feeding yourself mind trash, and adopt the thinking of champions and winners. 


The fastest, surest path to mediocrity is being realistic or reasonable. -Doren Aldana




  • The real reason you keep leaving money on the table for competitors to grab

    How do we stop idling in the parking lot of mediocrity and get on the fast track to freedom money?

  • How to stop paying tuition to the university of knowing nothing

    What steps can we take to crack the code on more money and freedom? 


  • The mind blocks that make money elusive

    Is there anything wrong with wanting wealth, financial abundance and earning more than we need?

How to Enter ANY New Market And Build a $2M+ Pipeline in 3 Months Flat, Starting From Scratch

For most mortgage pros, the very idea of relocating is enough to leave them shaking in their boots. 


What would it take for us to feel confident enough in our abilities that even if we had to move across state lines, we would crush it? Is it possible to dominate it in a whole new market, from the moment we step foot on the new territory?


In this episode, I’m sharing how to not only move into a new market, but build a next-level pipeline while doing it. 


"It's certainly very doable to reach your income goals in record time, as long as you’re doing it the smart way." -Doren Aldana




  • How to pinpoint the top producers in a new market

    How can we get started on our outreach to the top dogs before we’ve even arrived in their markets? 


  • How to work with the best and forget all the rest

    Is there a way to bypass the low-producing Realtors in our market from the get go?


  • The key to impressing Realtors in the first meeting

    So, we’ve enticed top producers into a meeting. How can we ensure it all goes smoothly once we’re in the same room?

Ask Me Anything! 4 LOs Submit Their Burning Questions On Taking Their Business to the Next Level

For many mortgage pros, not achieving has nothing to do with a lack of motivation and everything to do with not knowing where we’re going wrong. 


So, what are our biggest, most common missteps? More importantly, what can we do to quit making them, altogether?


In this episode, I’m kicking off my brand spanking new Q&A series by answering your questions on how to stop being your own bottleneck. 


"Get intentional about your strategies. You have to be like a sniper in your business, vs. someone who is just spraying and praying." -Doren Aldana




  • What the fastest path to the cash is NOT

    What well-meaning strategies are we implementing that are doing more harm than good? 


  • The key to using social media more effectively

    Are blog posts and a ton of content really going to help us see results right here, right now, or should we be doing something else? 


  • How to step our game, stat

    How can we stop settling for ‘good’ and charge forth towards great?

The Top 3 Realtor Objections That Stop Most Mortgage Pros In Their Tracks (And How To Overcome Them)!

When we’re constantly faced with rejection, it’s easy to feel like all agents are primadonnas and difficult to work with, but that simply isn’t true. Agents are human beings, just like us, and getting a good response from them simply requires some understanding on our part. 


So, how can we get into the mind of a Realtor? How can we suss out what’s likely to get them hot for what we’ve got, and what should we avoid saying, altogether?


In this episode, I’m diving into the top 3 objections LOs are faced with, and how to overcome them, once and for all.


"Don’t blame, criticize, or cuss agents out for rejecting you. That’s exactly what we do, every time a store clerk asks if we need anything." -Doren Aldana





  • How to build a connection with top producers

    As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. How can we show Realtors that we’re in the same league as them? 


  • How to come at a knee-jerk ‘no’ from a power position

    How can we fight the urge to crawl into a ball when we’re told ‘no’ and use rejection as a way to start a conversation? 


  • What to say when we’re told to call back later

    So, we’ve been told to call back later. Is there a way to keep a top producer on the line just long enough to entice them?

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