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Your EMOTIONAL HOME: The REAL SECRET Behind Your Success or Failure in Life & Business

October 31, 2018

No tactic can save us from living paycheck to paycheck if our mindset doesn’t change. The way we think is the root cause of our behavior -- and ultimately, our results. What is the definition of our emotional home? How do our emotions and mindset impact our work and personal routine? Why do we need to learn to be HAPPY NOW, even when what happens around us isn’t ideal? In this episode, I talk about the mindset of top achievers and how you can change the way you think to create an extraordinary life -- built by design -- filled with passion, purpose and prosperity.​



The achievers don’t achieve to be happy. They find a way to happily achieve. -Doren Aldana



  • Our emotional home is where we are emotionally most of the time. It’s how we wake up every day— either being excited that it’s a new day, or dreading our work. This attitude impacts the way we perform as business owners.
  • The way we see ourselves depends on our perspective. If we need external factors to make us happy all the time, we’re always in danger of losing our happiness.
  • If we want to improve the quality of our life, we need to improve the quality of the information we consume as well as our environment.


At the beginning of the episode, I explained what our emotional home is and how it impacts our willingness to work hard and get results. Next, I covered why we shouldn’t rely only on external factors to be happy, and how we can achieve emotional freedom from life’s challenges and obstacles.

I also covered:

  • Why living in a comfort zone prevents many people from reaching greatness
  • Why building a business is all about problem-solving and how we can get better at solving problems instead of running away from them
  • How we can stop feeding our mind with negative thoughts


Success starts with our mindset; with how we see life and ourselves in it. We can’t progress if we don’t have the mental power to look forward to life’s challenges. We can’t solve problems if we avoid them at all costs. There are two ways we can look at life. We can choose to be happy only when good things happen, which means we’re always dependent on what occurs around us, or we can make the decision to happy with ourselves regardless of everything else. We must accept the fact that in order to take control of our lives, we have to stop fearing and running away from challenges. As entrepreneurs, we’re problem-solvers, and that means we address problems head-on.