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Why Working Harder and Longer Keeps You Stuck in the Struggle (and How to Finally Break Free!)

July 24, 2019

Most mortgage professionals agree that they’re spending way too much time working for the results they’re seeing. How can you break free from the endless cycle of working harder and longer? What’s causing you to stay in that cycle in the first place? On this episode, I explain the 3 big reasons why you’re staying in the struggle. 




Work on the business- not in a job. Parkinson’s Law states that we’ll use all the time we allocate ourselves, even if we’re capable of doing it in less. We need to be more strategic about how we use our time.

It’s important to stop believing we’re the only ones capable of getting it done. Having a scarcity mindset and thinking we’re the only person for the job ultimately makes us less efficient and takes up more of our time. 

We shouldn’t drain our energy by working harder than we need to. By overworking ourselves, we’re putting ourselves in a prison of our own making.


At the start of the episode, I discussed the harsh reality for most mortgage professionals: an income barely above the poverty line. I mentioned that because so many mortgage professionals are so focused on their income, they’re not paying attention to the unnecessary extreme hours they’re working. 


We also discussed: 

  • Leaving a legacy
  • Creating a business that thrives without us
  • How to stop being the bottleneck in our system



So much of our success in the mortgage industry comes down to our mindset. To truly make your mark on the industry, we need to be strategic with our time and believe that we’re not the only person capable of doing the activities in our business. We need to stop spending so much of our energy on the things that don’t serve us. We can double our efficiency while halving our hours.