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Why the “One-Trick Pony” Solutions Keep You Struggling (And How to Become Recession-Proof)

September 12, 2019

So many mortgage coaches promise single solutions that supposedly guarantee success. Are any of these singular options capable of creating longevity in the mortgage industry? If one-trick pony solutions aren’t a good idea, what should we be doing instead? On this episode, I share how we can build recession-proof businesses by diversifying our strategies.


  • Abandon the idea of a ‘magic pill’ that can transform your business. There is no single solution for long-lasting success.

  • Diversify your tactics so you don’t need to rely on only one strategy. The more back-up plans we have, the more we safeguard ourselves from any potential turbulence. 

  • Take a multimedia approach to marketing campaigns. Use video, social media, direct mail and emails to ensure you touch base with your entire database and leave as little money on the table as possible.

At the start of the episode, I explained why we need to stop searching for single solutions to create recession-proof businesses. I mentioned how issues beyond our control have the ability to impact our businesses. The episode ended with a suggestion of how to offer amazing value to clients that separates us from the herd and puts us in the lead.

We also discussed: 

  • Why we need to stop relying on strategies that worked a decade ago
  • The importance of having a clearly defined strategy
  • Why it’s vital to be proactive


In a world where everything is made easier and faster by technology, it’s natural for us to want quick, easy solutions to success. However, the reality is that for longevity, we need to have multi-pillared approaches to business. The great thing is, a diversified approach doesn’t automatically mean a more difficult route- on the contrary, if we build multimedia, multi-pronged businesses today, we proactively protect ourselves against recessions in the future.