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Why Settling for “Good” Holds You Back From Achieving GREATNESS!

July 23, 2020

When our definition of success is too close to our comfort zone, it’s easy to settle and slip into stagnation. Many loan officers aim for good enough, instead of reaching for greatness, and get sucked into complacency. 


If we truly want to build a business that fulfils and empowers us, it is critical that we push through the resistance, fear, and pain of leaving our comfort zone. That means not settling for “good”. That means realizing that comfort and growth are at odds with one another, and we can’t succeed if we cling to feeling comfortable.  


What are some of the mindsets that make us complacent and lead to us settling? 

Which attitudes lead us into stagnation and regression? In this episode, I share the perils of worshipping at the altar of complacency. 




Greatness is about always expanding and seeking new growth. The comfort zone will corrode your hunger for expansion. -Doren Aldana  




  • How to Celebrate Wins and Still Focus on Progress
    You want to celebrate your wins, but you don’t want to become complacent in the process. When we celebrate a win without thinking about the growth beyond it, we’ll take our foot off the gas and settle. 

  • Why Comparing Good to Average is a Hiding Place
    Average and good are different, but not by much. While good is better than average, it still falls short of the greatness that lies within us. If we only focus on being better than average, we will never challenge ourselves to be anything more.  

  • Why Greatness is Uncomfortable 
    The things that empower us and lead us to greatness aren’t usually comfortable or easy. To become extraordinary, we have to be willing to go through the rejection of our comfort zones and the discomfort of discipline.