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Why Realtors Hate Average Joe LOs (And How to Flip the Script)

October 17, 2019

A lot of loan officers dread reaching out to Realtors because they’re under the impression that Realtors instinctively hate dealing with them. How can we stop acting like the average loan officer Realtors abhor, and start flipping the script? Should we be less selective or is being too inclusive harming our chances? In this episode, we discuss how to stand out from the pack of average loan officers

Strive to come across as a welcome guest, rather than an annoying pest.
Doren Aldana


  • Stop being a loan leech. Realtors can tell when we’re approaching them looking for business without anything to offer in return. Make sure Realtors know we’re coming to give, not just get.

  • Offer value by showing Realtors how they can make more money. If we show Realtors how they can get more business, they’ll see us as valuable. 

  • Make Realtors feel special by offering them exclusive benefits for working with you. By being more exclusive, we boost our profile and instantly become more attractive.

In this episode, we discussed why it’s so important to set ourselves apart from the rest of the loan officers in our markets. We explained why we need to offer exciting, unique value to Realtors, so they know we’re their only option if they want to be successful. 

We also discussed: 

  • Why we should be positioners, not prospectors
  • How confidence makes all the difference
  • The importance of behaving like a winner

Reaching out to Realtors doesn’t need to be anxiety-inducing, as long as we know we hold their key to success. To do this, we have to stop acting like the average loan officer: a leech who wants to get more than give. If we can show Realtors how to make more money in less time, we position ourselves as winners in their eyes. We also show them that we are willing to offer the Realtors that work with us outstanding benefits. No one likes being around the average Joe LO, so let’s start separating ourselves from the pack.