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Why Most Facebook Ads Don’t Work w/ Chris Reale

July 5, 2018

One of the biggest challenges mortgage pros face is finding real estate agents to partner with. These days, real estate agents are flooded with calls and emails from mortgage pros looking to connect. How can you tilt the power balance in your favor? What is something you can offer to agents that will make them come to you? And how can you bring more leads from Facebook at a fraction the price of Zillow and other lead sources? In this episode, Chris Reale shares how he went from chasing real estate agents to having them come to him!



To get the highest conversion, you have to reach out to someone at least 7 times. -Chris Reale



  • The problem with most lead generation platforms is the price tag and the fact that the leads are not exclusive.
  • As a mortgage specialist, if you know how to attract leads via Facebook and give them over to realtors, you will be flooded by offers.
  • Facebook ads have the advantage of flexibility. You don’t have to sign any contracts, and you can shut it down when you want or change the daily spend and make whatever changes you want without any negative consequences.
  • As a mortgage specialist, when you come to the table with exclusive leads, you are no longer the one who is looking for real estate agents. They will do whatever it takes to come to you.


In the beginning of the episode, we talked about how to maximize Facebook ads and how they change the balance of power in the favor of mortgage specialists. Next, we discussed why branding doesn't necessarily bring a higher conversion rate.

We also covered:

  • Video has been a key component of differentiation in the ad space
  • Exclusive leads need immediate follow-up as well
  • Anything below 15% conversion rate on a landing page means that you should tweak your website copy

The secret to Facebook advertising is grabbing the attention of users. Unlike paid search engine ads, your audience is not looking for you. You have to create an ad compelling enough for them to click through. Facebook will help you set the demographics, but only a small percentage from that segment is interested in buying a home. Your job is to find the right image and the right message, and stir their curiosity in order for them to sign up on your landing page.


Guest Bio

Chris Reale has managed nearly 1 billion dollars in value in residential loan transactions during the last 17 years. He founded a business that started with zero employees and now has over $2 millions in revenue. He is the founder of CJ Reale Consulting Services where he helps small and medium businesses attract traffic via social media and search engines, and he is also the branch manager of NFM Lending.