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Why Most Coaching Programs for Mortgage Pros Don’t Work

June 19, 2019

There are so many coaching programs out there, but not all of them are effective. Where do most programs go wrong? What should a great program be offering you? On this episode, I’m listing the 7 areas where most coaching programs fail.



You want a systems-based business that allows you to streamline your marketing and operations. -Doren Aldana



  • A lot of programs teach old-school, outdated methods to success. This means that rather than embracing the ease that comes with technology, they’re still making you take the hard way.

  • Coaching programs teach you how to put manual effort into your marketing. This makes it more difficult for you to ever step out of your business.

  • While it’s great to learn how to get things done, it’s adding another step to your process. Coaching programs should be doing some activities for you.


After explaining the first three ways most coaching programs fail their clients, I explained one key flaw: they’re not teaching mortgage professionals to be marketers. I mentioned that their focus on operational systems means nothing unless you have marketing systems in place.

 We also discussed:

  • Why one-trick pony solutions are a dangerous gamble
  • That a lot of coaching programs are not mortgage-specific
  • That far too few programs pay attention to your inner game of success


Coaching is extremely important, and even if you walk away with only one new piece of information, you’ve succeeded. The same goes for working on activities that require manual effort: they’ll take you farther than if you’d done nothing. However, it’s time for you to stop working harder than you need to. Small steps only take you a short distance. Join a program that allows you to go further without the extra work.