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Why Mortgage Pros Never Break the 10 Deals Per Month Barrier

July 15, 2021

Very few mortgage pros do 10 deals a month, and even fewer do it consistently. What are the secrets of those who are getting it right, and where are the vast majority of us going so wrong?  


How can we start thinking like industry top dogs, so 10 deals a month, EVERY month, becomebest-kept a given


In this episode, I share the 3 biggest weaknesses holding mortgage pros back from greatness (and how to stop them from stopping us!)


"Even 1% doubt will take you out, so you have to show up every day with your beliefs in alignment with your dreams." -Doren Aldana





  • How to stop letting weak marketing stunt your growth
    What are the key clues that our marketing is all wrong?


  • Why we need to kick stinkin' thinking for good
    How can we start showing up feeling like the champions we are and quit cowering in the shadows of self-limitation? 


  • How to pick the right mentors
    Is there a way to pinpoint those guaranteed to get us to our full potential?