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Why Merely ”Wanting” To Be Successful is Not Enough (And Why Few Ever Succeed)!

November 26, 2021

Everyone with an ounce of ambition ‘wants’ to be successful, but our industry’s statistics speak for themselves: most won’t be. The truth is, wanting to be successful may be a starting point, but in isolation, it just ain’t enough. 


So, how can we stop thinking in terms of wanting to be successful, and turn that into a white-hot, can’t-live-without-it necessity? What’s the golden key to crack the code of turning half-baked interests into decisive action? 


In this episode, I’m explaining why ‘wanting’ to be successful can only get us so far, and what we should be doing, instead!


"We can’t change our reality until we face our reality." -Doren Aldana





  • Why we need to re-examine our desires

    No one feels compelled to eat a 5-course dinner if they’ve already eaten a Happy Meal. Are we famished enough to do what it takes to attain our biggest goals, or are we curbing our hunger with small-fry wins?  


  • The danger of ‘softening’ our problems

    Are we tolerating mediocrity because we’ve got into the habit of telling ourselves it’s not ‘that’ bad?


  • Why being interested just isn’t enough

    How can we expect to push through all our challenges if we’re interested in achieving our dreams, rather than being defiantly committed to making them a reality?