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Why LOs Resist Recruiting Realtors (And How to Fix it) w/Peter Fickeisen

September 26, 2019


Something most loan officers seem to struggle with is a resistance to recruiting Realtors. What keeps holding us back? How can we overcome our call reluctance and get rid of the almost universal mind block? On this episode, mortgage industry legend and coach, Peter Fickeisen shares why LOs resist recruiting Realtors- and how to overcome our reluctance.




  • Most loan officers avoid recruiting Realtors because we’re scared to get out of our comfort zone. To become more comfortable around others, we need to be more comfortable with ourselves. 

  • For more successful interactions with Realtors, we need to know what we’re going to say to them. Write a list of points to speak about and guide an effective conversation.

  • Build relationships with Realtors by organizing appointments and reminding them of your purpose. Don’t arrive at their offices unannounced, and don’t waste time.

At the start of the episode, coach Peter Fickeisen shared the top 3 things holding loan officers back from reaching out to Realtors. He then explained what we can do to combat the issues, and reminded us of the importance of our mindset.

We also discussed:

  • How to start the day with confidence
  • What value we can offer Realtors
  • The importance of working with people whose personalities suit our own


Call reluctance is something that affects most loan officers, but it can be easily combated. We need to focus on our mindsets and build our confidence to overcome anxieties over leaving our comfort zone. We can also overcome our anxieties by becoming more prepared. Calling Realtors doesn’t need to be a source of distress- we just need to stop overthinking the process.


Guest Bio 

Peter Fickeisen is the Director of Business Development at Luxury Mortgage Corp. With over a decade of experience in mortgage banking, Peter has originated over $1 billion in home loans. He is passionate about creating and maintaining great relationships with clients and partners alike, and is known as a shining star in the industry.

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