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Why Focusing Solely on Refi’s to the Neglect of Purchase Business is Stupid (and How to Build Stability Through Diversification)

April 30, 2020

We’re in a refi boom right now, and while it’s tempting to put all our effort and energy on the low-hanging fruit, the last thing you want is to be unequipped when the refi boom inevitably ends. Even though many mortgage pros are only doing refi’s, now is not the time to be blindly following the herd.

If you become too myopically focused on the low-hanging fruit to the detriment of building consistent purchase business, your income will tank and you’ll end up regretting not building a diversified business.

Why is the purchase market the most reliable, successful and consistent source of business? How do you build a multi-pillar, multi-prong, multi-revenue stream business right now, while still taking advantage of the refi surge?

In this episode, I talk about the perils of having a business that’s too reliant on refi’s, and what will happen when you don’t shift to being proactive about the purchase market.


You want to be as diversified as you can so you are least and last affected by market downturns, not first and most. -Doren Aldana   



  • Refi money is not freedom money. Purchase deals have a lot more commitment because there’s a physical tangible outcome. 

  • Refi business is driven by low interest rates; as soon as they go up, you’ll be in trouble. 

  • Even though there is high uncertainty in the market right now, there will continue to be purchase business transactions.