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What’s The Shortest Path to the Cash?

July 31, 2020

Every loan officer wants a business that is stable, systems-driven, and allows them to work with the best people. The problem is, through mistakes and the wrong methods, they end up stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. 


Right under our noses are business pillars that take us away from the drudgery of cold calling the same unenthusiastic agents all the time. 


We want a business that can work and generate income when we’re not working, and a way for us to achieve that coveted top-of-mind awareness.


The good news is, this is all within reach if we push the pedal on the right things. What is the shortest path to quality leads? How can we create content that takes us from chasing mediocre clients to attracting all-stars? In this episode, I share how to generate business by focusing on the assets that are already working in our favor.  



The shortest path to the cash will always be inextricably linked with attracting clients, not chasing them. -Doren Aldana  





Why we shouldn’t neglect our databases

If you have a database, treat it as an asset and not an afterthought. Building a system that allows us to consistently provide clients with value is the fastest and shortest path to cash. 


How to turn your business into a client magnet

The loan professionals who are on the shortest path to cash are the ones who position themselves as preeminent experts. If you don’t position yourself, you’ll become a replaceable commodity, and you will always have to chase clients. 


The power of referrals 

Referrals are a low hanging fruit if we are looking for the shortest path to the cash. The people who are happy with our work are the ones most likely to refer us to their circle. It’s easier to get referrals when we do such great work that our clients become our fans.