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The Unfair Advantage System: How to Get Realtors Totally Addicted to You So They Send You All Their Buyers

May 13, 2021

Every prudent mortgage professional knows that we’re on the brink of a market shift. As the seller’s market shifts into a buyer’s market, you want to position yourself ahead of the storm.


You have to build a stable of top-producing VIP Realtor partners who see you as irreplaceable and indispensable. But how do we do this without begging, chasing, or cold calling? How can we breeze past the brush-offs, and escape being the last-resort LO who gets all the crappy deals?


In this episode, I share a new training that will help you attract top-producing Realtor partners, and why it’s the most powerful tool you can possess in today’s market.


"In this rising interest rate environment, you have to be proactive and preemptive. You don’t want to be wishing you had built your purchase business, you want to be glad you did." -Doren Aldana 






  • How to attract agents by solving current market pain points

    Realtors want pre-approved buyers and motivated sellers. How can we solve this problem using cutting-edge technology, and put ourselves head and shoulders above the competition? 


  • The most valuable thing we can provide to Realtors

    A solid marketing strategy is a mission-critical must but many agents don’t have it. How does the Unfair Advantage system provide a stack of awesome they can’t get anywhere else? 


  • How to put yourself in a power position with top-producing agents

    If you’re sick and tired of chasing Realtors, you have to attract them with an irresistible value proposition. How do we create the ultimate bait that puts us in the power position?