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The Top 7 Ways to Automate Your Mortgage Business, So It Runs Like a Finely-Oiled Machine In Your Absence

December 3, 2020

No one gets into this industry with the intention of trading all their time for money, but by insisting on doing everything themselves, many mortgage pros have sacrificed their dreams of freedom in favor of doing it the hard way. 


To build the kind of businesses that set us free, we have to stop relying on human efforts to get everything done. It’s the 21st century, so why are so many of us still shying away from automation?


Does the prospect of learning new systems scare us too much to dive into the deep end? How can we move past that fear and start implementing the kinds of systems that blast our businesses to astronomical heights?


In this episode, I’m sharing which parts of our businesses we need to automate for maximum results.

To build a business that sets you free, you need systems that undergird your operations so you’re not trading time for money. -Doren Aldana




  • Why automating our lead capture is the only way to move forward: 

    How can we expect to capture all our leads’ data and track the thread of communication when we’re still settling for caveman tracking from the dark ages, like Excel spreadsheets? 


  • Why tracking leads by source is vital for a thriving business: 

    Why spend an inordinate amount of time on a lead source that brings in the smallest percentage of our business? 


  • How to automate Realtor attraction: 

    Capturing the attention of top dog Realtors is mission-critical for a booming business, but too many of us are still doing it the hard way. Instead of cold-calling agents, why not use 21st-century technology to automate the process?