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The Top 5 Ways Mortgage Pros Sabotage Their Success

August 20, 2020

Many ambitious loan officers do everything they can to progress, grow, and expand but constantly find themselves stuck with short-lived successes, unfulfilled potential, and results they aren’t happy with. 


Even with the best intentions, they have a hard time getting out of their own way. Some things cannot be outrun by how hard we work. 


From sneaky stinking thinking to playing the mortgage game the wrong way, if certain internal and external obstacles aren’t dealt with, they will continue to obliterate our progress. 



What are some of the landmines that destroy our success? How can we change the things that are holding us back into things we’ve conquered? In this episode, I share the top 5 reasons why LOs sabotage themselves. 



Rarely will you attract more than what you believe you’re worthy or capable of. You can’t attract more than what your self-image dictates. -Doren Aldana   





  • How to break the cycle of self-sabotage
    The way we perceive ourselves and the world around us can either be the fuel that fires our achievement or the container that holds us back. 
  • How to take control of our self-image
    If we succeed beyond our self-defined level of success, we will inevitably crash, burn, and self-sabotage unless we take action… but what kind of action? 
  • How to stay focused on the big picture
    If time spent in our businesses is used up on minor tasks and things that don’t drive growth, we’re sabotaging our own success. There’s a big difference between building a practice and building a business.