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The Top 5 B.S. Lies Most Mortgage Pros Believe That Keep Them Stuck on The Struggle Bus (And the TRUTH that Sets You FREE!)

August 5, 2021

Most LOs aren’t reaching their dreams, and it’s all because they’ve been fed LIES about what it takes to make it in mortgage.


What are those lies, and how can we root them out for good, so NOTHING stands in the way of our goals? Where do the lies come from in the first place?


In this episode, I’m sharing the biggest, most common lies told in the industry, so we can impeach them, once and for all!


"Stop being realistic and start realizing you can have it any way you want it." -Doren Aldana





  • How to flip the idea that success takes time on its head
    Should it really take 12, 24 or more months to reach our income goals?


  • How to break free from the strategies that hold us back
    If something hasn’t worked for us in the past, why the heck would doing MORE of it do anything to change that? 


  • When to take the leap into our dreams
    Should we play it safe until we feel truly competent and confident in what we know?