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The TOP 3 Best Mortgage Lead Generation Sources That Are Levels Above The Rest

August 19, 2021

If we waste all our time on mediocre lead sources, we’ll only ever get mediocre results, and none of us got into this business to be average!


Which lead sources are most likely to get us the results we want, and what makes them so much better than all the rest? How much harder do we need to work to secure the lead sources that separate the good from the GREAT in our business?


In this episode, I share the 3 lead gen sources GUARANTEED to put LOs in the top tier of mortgage professionals (and how to get them!).


"The better quality the lead, the better quality your life!" -Doren Aldana





  • How to partner up with top producing Realtors

    Reaching out to top Realtors is daunting at the best of times, so how can we get them to partner with us when they’re already married to their current lenders? 


  • How to generate pre-sold referrals from past clients

    Is there a systematic way to turn past clients into red-hot referrals?


  • The key to tapping into our personal networks

    How can we get referrals from our personal networks without feeling awkward and uncomfortable?