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The Phenom Formula: How Chris Went From $0 to $100M In Just 3 Years Without Losing His Sanity (And How You Can Too)!

February 27, 2020

Most mortgage professionals hold themselves back from success because they’ve been told they need to sacrifice parts of their lives if they want to see great results. Is it possible to get great professional results without sacrificing personal happiness or are we doomed to spend the rest of our lives working if we want to achieve anything? Will owning a big house and fancy cars fulfill us, or do we need more than that? On this episode, President of Total Quality Lending, Chris Paliska, shares how he made $100 Million in just three years without sacrificing his happiness. 


The happier you are, the more successful you’ll be. Never feel like you need to sacrifice your own happiness in the name of success. -Chris Paliska



  • We can only be truly successful if we’re genuinely happy, so focus on developing all areas of life. Remember, there’s more to life than running a business!

  • Make the switch from activity to productivity. Too many of us are wasting time working hard, when we could be more time-efficient and see better results. 

  • Have the right intentions. Having a fancy car and big house can make us happy, but unless we know our intentions for attaining these material objects, we won’t be fulfilled.


At the start of this episode, we spoke about why it’s vital for mortgage professionals to be counter-cultural in the industry. We also mentioned that the reason so many people don’t progress further than mediocrity is because they don’t feel fulfilled, so it’s important for mortgage professionals to focus on more than the business aspect of life. 


We also discussed:

  • That having some skin in the game makes us more likely to succeed
  • The importance of being an authentic leader
  • Why we must ensure we’re motivated by more than proving naysayers wrong


Guest Bio

Chris Paliska is the President of Total Quality Lending. After working as a valet at a high-end restaurant in California, Chris was urged by a client to consider a career in the mortgage industry. Despite some difficulties at the start of his mortgage career, after meeting with Doren six years ago, he’s gone from strength to strength. In just 3 years, he went from having $0 to $100 million- and he’s only just begun his journey.


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