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The FASTEST, Easiest Way To Crush Your Income Goals In Any Market, Regardless of a Pandemic or Low Inventory!

September 30, 2021

Whether we're facing lockdowns or inventory shortages, there's no doubt that we're in a time of great adversity. However, even in the wake of challenges, some LOs continue to win. 


What are they doing differently from everyone else? How can we mimic their moves and stop falling short of our potential, no matter how many difficulties we face? 


In this episode, I'm diving into how to stay winning in ANY situation (and what's holding you back from prosperity right now!).


"The difference between champions and the mediocre majority is, champions find a way to turn adversity into opportunity." -Doren Aldana



  • Why networking and visiting open houses can only take us so far
    Is it possible to create lifelong, fruitful friendships with Realtors without going out of our way to schmooze them? 


  • 1 thing to be mindful of with social media
    Are we doing blogs and social media posts because they offer a great ROI, or simply because everyone else is doing them? 


  • How to get agents champing at the bit to work with US
    How can we flip the script on Realtors and get them hot for what we've got, even in a tough market?