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The Difference Between Being Interested vs. Committed to Success

November 15, 2018

We all envy the people who seem to have an unlimited amount of motivation— the people who are successful both in business and in their personal lives. What makes some people so good at sticking with their goals? What’s the difference between being interested in changing our lives vs. committing to the change? And what are some of the ways we can push ourselves outside of our comfort zone? In this episode, I talk about how taking the first step towards massive success starts with making a big commitment.


The interested always find an excuse. The committed always find a way. -Doren Aldana  



  • The difference between being interested and being committed to success is dedication. When we’re committed, we do what it takes every single day— even when times get rough.

  • Softening the problem is a slippery slope to mediocrity. When we tell ourselves that those extra pounds are just our big bones, or when we diminish our problems, we avoid being committed to solving them.

  • Daily routines make or break our success. If we don’t invest our time in our personal growth, we can’t achieve our goals. Every day of our life needs to be planned ahead of time.

At the beginning of the episode, I talked about the difference between being interested in something and being committed to something. Next, I explained how easy, yet dangerous, it is for us to soften our problems and make them seem smaller than they really are.

I also covered:

  • Why we need to invest in our personal development to grow professionally
  • The price we pay for success and how to avoid a lifetime of regrets
  • How mentors can help us find shortcuts to success

The best way to find out whether we’re committed or just interested in achieving success is to ask ourselves if we’re willing to step outside of our comfort zone. Because commitment changes our priorities and the way we look at what happens around us, it makes us work hard regardless of our situation. When we’re just interested, we aren’t motivated enough to feel uncomfortable or make sacrifices to achieve our dreams.