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How to Generate Red-Hot Buyer and Seller Leads that Don’t Come from Realtor Partners w/ Chris Reale

February 23, 2018


A lot of people in this business find themselves depending on handouts while waiting, hoping and praying for leads, with no control or consistency. How can you attract quality buyer and seller leads without relying on realtors? Why must you shrink your audience if you want your Facebook ads to perform better? On this episode, Chris Reale shares how dialed-in ads and strategic, automated follow-up will help you get higher quality leads.


If you automate the follow up and trust that system, you alleviate a lot of headaches. -Chris Reale



  • Why should you be diversifying your lead streams?
  • How can you leverage technology to make branding easier?
  • What are some common pitfalls to avoid when marketing on Facebook and other online sources?
  • and much more! 


At the start of the show, we talked about a huge problem people in the mortgage business face and the importance of diversifying your lead streams. We also discussed how to dial-in your ad copy, visuals and landing pages. Chris also talked about the necessity of strategic, automated follow up and how technology makes branding easier.

We also discussed:

  • Why faulty targeting will tank your ad
  • How the lack of adequate tracking affects your ad success
  • Why speed to lead is key  
  • How to add value to Realtors 

We’re in an age where technology is rapidly advancing, and if you don’t spend time learning this stuff right now, you’re going to go out of business eventually. Facebook offers many great opportunities for you to start generating your own leads without relying on the ones that come from realtors. It’s all about writing compelling copy, being visual, targeting the right people, and tracking. All of this will come together and help you convert eyeballs on Facebook into quality leads.