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The ”BIG 3” Realtor Objections That Stop Most LOs

August 4, 2022

Objections are a normal part of the game of business but unfortunately, many LOs let that pushback discourage them from taking further action.

What are the top objections mortgage professionals face, and how can we get past them?

In this episode, I present the various reasons why objections often stop mortgage professionals in their tracks and how to overcome them.


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Three Things We Learned  

  • Why Realtors give us lame objections
    What are the most common reasons real estate agents say "no" to us?
  • 5 big reasons why objections trip us up
    What factors affect us when we get objections?
  • The ultimate value proposition for attracting top-producing Realtor partners
    What offers make Realtors need us more than we need them?