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The Best Way to Prospect for New Loans - Without Having To Meet Face to Face (Even If You’re a Newbie)

November 25, 2020

Pre-COVID, meeting top producers in person was a great way to build profitable relationships, but that’s no longer an option. If we plan to dominate the industry in the face of the pandemic, we have to roll with the times and find a new way forward.


A lot of so-called ‘experts’ would have us believe the next best option is cold-calling, but that’s doing it the hard way. COVID-19 or not, we’ve still got to find the fastest path to the cash -- and that means ditching old school strategies for good.


How should we be marketing ourselves to top dog agents in a time when networking as we knew it no longer exists? Are there any foolproof solutions in unprecedented times, or is it time to try reinventing the wheel?


In this episode, I’m sharing how both newbie LOs and seasoned pros can build solid connections with top producers, without meeting anyone face to face.

The shortest path to the cash in this business, newbie or veteran, is and always will be attracting top-producing Realtors who make you their exclusive and act as your brand ambassador. -Doren Aldana




  • The WORST way to prospect during this time: 

    Cold-calling and reaching out to Realtors to be ‘helpful’ sure is better than doing nothing at all, but is it the smartest, most fruitful way to capture the attention of top producers?

  • How to attract top producers without smiling and dialing: 

    Realtors aren’t answering phones anymore, and if they are, chances are they’re spending the full duration of the call trying to get rid of us. How can we attract the attention of the top dogs using 21st century technology?

  • How to shatter the perception that LOs are loan leeches: 

    How can we change the way top producing agents see us, so we can go from mortgage hawker to marketing partner in their eyes?