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Practice Builders vs. Business Builders: What’s The Difference and Why Does it Matter?

December 10, 2020

In the wake of the refi boom, many mortgage professionals have found their wallets fuller, but their lives emptier. We’ve burned ourselves out en-masse, with the common matchstick that is working IN our businesses, rather than ON them.


We signed up for this business because we wanted more freedom, autonomy, and independence, so why have so many of us ended up becoming chief, cook, and bottle washer? How have we made such a complete 180?


How can we get back into loving what we do, instead of waking up every morning for a soulless grind?


In this episode, I share that our collective burnout is a symptom of building practices instead of building businesses.

If you want true freedom, autonomy, and independence, being a practice builder will not bode well. -Doren Aldana




  • Why we need to redefine our idea of brokenness: 
    Is having a ton of money in the bank as important as having our health and the freedom to spend time with our loved ones? 


  • The key distinction between building a practice vs building a business: 
    Can we step out of our businesses for a couple of weeks without everything falling apart, or have we built ourselves a glorified j-o-b? 


  • How to get back into loving what we do: 
    How can we stop working because we ‘have to’ and start enjoying our careers again, so we can step into our divine calling?