Art of Mortgage Marketing

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Once You Master This Process, You’ll Get 3+ Deals Per Month For Every 100 Past Clients In Your Database

July 2, 2020

As mortgage professionals, we have a moral obligation to make the biggest impact we can and serve our clients to the best of our abilities. We can do so much more good in the world by growing our businesses, so what’s holding us back?

One of the best ways to maximize our profits is by taking advantage of repeat clients and referrals. How can we guarantee this type of business?

The answer lies in mastery. We have to master the art of database marketing. This is non-negotiable: it’s a necessity. The great thing is, if we use the right systems along the way, this doesn’t need to add to our workload. Quite the opposite; we can earn more, while doing less. 

In this episode, I share how to get more than 3 deals a month for every 100 past clients in our databases, on autopilot! 



Cut the clutter and nonsense and get straight to what works: database marketing done right.
-Doren Aldana




  • Save time, money and stress with systems
    Having the right systems in place helps us achieve bigger results, with minimal effort. Master systems that provide an endless stream of repeat business, but remember, commitment is key. The right systems aren’t a luxury, but a necessity. 
  • Get reviewed in the right places
    Getting fewer reviews than our competitors is the easiest way to leave money on the table. Ask for reviews the right way and make sure those reviews are visible in the right places. Potential clients are using Google to find mortgage professionals, so that’s where we need to be visible.

  • Stay in touch meaningfully
    To build long-term relationships with past clients, we have to stay top of mind; staying in touch with them is the best way to do that. Reach out to them through a trigger campaign: send out communications on birthdays, mortgage anniversaries and other special occasions.