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How Tyshawn Young DOUBLED Her Income (From 6 to 12 Units/Mo.) in Just 3 Months…. Without Making A Single Cold Call!

September 1, 2022

In the mortgage industry we’re often chasing down Realtors and working long hours putting power in the hands of others, but this doesn’t have to be our reality. What if we could flip the script and put the power back in our own hands?

By putting more value on our time, and owning the gifts we bring to the marketplace, we can attract the right clients instead of trying to convince any Realtor to work with us.

In this episode I talk with Tyshawn Young about how she put more value on her time, her decision to limit who she works with and how that all led to her doubling her income in just three months.


We can’t change our reality until we face our reality. -Doren Aldana  


Three Things We Learned  

  • How to show that we value our time
    How can we shift our mindset about time and work productively while not giving up personal time for ourselves?
  • Why we should focus on attracting, not chasing
    How do we align our business to attract Realtors and clients without having to chase them down?
  • Why it doesn’t take much to stand out
    Can we stand out and differentiate ourselves by simply asking the right questions and providing solutions in a way nobody else is?