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How Top Producers Are Taking Advantage of the ”Market Shift”

October 13, 2022

In today's market, it can take a lot to get to the top and even more to stay there. We hear success stories of how the market's top producers climb the ladder, but not how they stay at the top when things change in the market.


How do top producers respond to adversity? How do they decide where to focus their energy? Stinkin’ thinkin’ isn't going to get us the results we desire, so how do we change our mindset from one that is focused on adversity?


In this episode, I discuss some of the quintessential traits that the top producers in the industry share, and the key to seeking out opportunity in adversity.


While the ordinary focus on adversity, the outstanding focus on opportunity. -Doren Aldana


Three Things We Learned  

  • Turning adversity into opportunity
    Like everyone else, LOs face multiple adversities. How do the top producing LO’s turn adversity into opportunity?
  • How to be a contrarian
    One of the things that LOs do to stand out in the market is doing the opposite of ordinary. How does going against the current attract the masses?
  • Sift, sort and select.
    Rather than merely selling, the top producers are sifting, sorting and selecting when it comes to building their dream team of Realtors. How does this help them stay at the top?