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How to WOW Top Dog Realtors into Making You Their Exclusive Lender

July 4, 2019

The mortgage industry is filled to the brim with hopefuls. How can you make sure you stand out from the crowd? How can you offer a ‘wow’ factor that separates you from those offering the same, run-of-the-mill services as everyone else? On this episode, I’m sharing how to wow top dog Realtors to become their exclusive lender.



You can’t afford to be normal or average. We are in the business of fascination and being extraordinary and remarkable. -Doren Aldana



  • Lead with unique value. Make sure you’re offering something different to the Realtors you approach. Inside their pain is your opportunity for gain.

  • Diagnose before you prescribe. Before you can offer anything to a Realtor, make sure you’re listening to their concerns. Then you can provide them with a tailor-made solution.

  • Diversify your activities and talents. Don’t rely on any one thing for success. You need to have as many skills to offer as possible. 


At the start of the episode, I explained why it’s crucial to have a ‘wow’ factor. I shared why you need to get out of your comfort zone and how you could go about it. I ended by mentioning that you need to implement the ideas. “Doing” is vital.

We also covered:

  • Creating a VIP program for your partners
  • Being the champion you want to attract
  • Why you can’t afford to be average


Mortgage professionals are in the business of fascination. It’s not enough to just offer partnerships. You need to be separating yourself from the herd and creating a phenomenal impression. Pay attention to what Realtors want and start devising a strategy unique to your abilities. To thrive in this industry, you need to bring something exceptional to the table.