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How to Stop Chasing Realtors and Get Them to Start Chasing YOU! w/ Chris Reale

July 12, 2019

Let's be real: chasing realtors down and offering them rate sheets and donuts doesn’t work anymore. Those days are long gone, and unfortunately, a lot of mortgage pros see themselves as a replaceable commodity instead of a needed resource. What’s wrong with this mindset and how can we shift it? How can we bring a unique value proposition to agents that gets their attention and makes you their exclusive lender? Why do we need automation instead of doing it the hard way with cold calling? In this episode, Chris Reale explains how we can flip the script so that realtors need us more than we need them.




  • It’s good to offer great rates and great service as a loan officer, but they are part of being professional and it’s not enough anymore. We need to take one step further and help agents succeed.

  • When we help agents grow their business, we have created a value-added relationship with them that means they will want to do business with us. 

  • We can bring real value to agents by looking at their business, figuring out their pain points, and helping them grow in the areas that can get them more business.

On this episode we discussed how to get realtors wanting to do business with us instead of us chasing them for business. Chris Reale explains the importance of a unique value proposition as well as how we can help agents fill the gaps in their business, get them more deals and get ourselves more partnerships.

We also discussed:

  • Why offering great rates and service isn’t enough 
  • Why we should help agents grow their business
  • How we can help agents get more business


Most loan officers think of themselves as a commodity instead of a needed resource, but we can only become a needed resource by revisiting our value proposition and assessing whether it helps agents succeed. We need to shift our mindset and have a unique value proposition that helps agents grow their business. When we have something of real value to offer, we become an indispensable and strategic profit-producing partner for agents. 


Guest Bio 

Chris Reale is a Real Estate and Mortgage entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts who founded and managed his first financial services company at the age of 24. He is the Owner of CJReale Consulting Services, and Co-Founder and Certified Massachusetts Real Estate Instructor of The Real Estate Edge. Chris helps Real Estate and Mortgage professionals scale their business with predictability by utilizing his Digital Agent Mastery Plus Consulting Program. His company grew from 1 employee to 30 employees with revenues of over $2,000,000, and funded over nearly $1,000,000,000 in residential loan transactions. Chris now spends his time as a digital and non-digital marketing consultant who helps Real Estate and Mortgage companies profit wildly through digital marketing. Chris' clients are some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.