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How to Stop Being the “Bottleneck” In Your Busin

June 11, 2020

Business owners become trapped when they decide to do it all themselves. It hinders growth and freedom and makes it harder for the business to build wealth. 

The truth is, even the best, smartest and most talented people don’t serve every purpose and role in their companies. With the best intentions, you can end up holding everything up because there’s so much on your plate. 

The goal shouldn’t be to be to control everything, but to run a finely oiled machine that allows you to step into true freedom. The whole goal of making bold, intelligent strategic investments in your business is to remove you from being a bottleneck. What are the perils of filling up our time doing menial tasks and not delegating them? How can you liberate yourself so you can catapult your business?

In this episode, I talk about how to get more freedom, and get your business out of survival mode. 


You’re not going to be able to build a business that sets you free if you think that you have to do it yourself if you want it done right. -Doren Aldana  




  • Why you shouldn’t be a generalist 
    Focus on being a specialist, not a generalist. Specialists bring unique value to the table and can have more freedom in their businesses because they can hire highly talented people. 
  • How to truly set yourself apart with value 
    What makes you a bottleneck in your business is the erroneous belief that the only unique value you offer is to be available all the time. You can have time freedom and be more present with your family and interests without losing business. 
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding your business back 
    There are belief systems that allow you to create systems and belief systems that will keep you enslaved to your business. Limiting beliefs don’t usually come along. People who believe they have to do it all, also believe that there isn’t any quality talent that matches their standard.

We also discussed:

  • Why you shouldn’t be a generalist 
  • How to truly set yourself apart with value 
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding your business back