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How to Put an End to the “Income Roller Coaster” and Create Consistent Income Growth

October 10, 2018

Inconsistent income is the biggest nightmare for most mortgage pros. Yet, instead of fighting against it, many MLOs consider it to be “normal” and just learn to live with it. How can we escape this “average” mindset, and how does having low expectations impact our income? How can we become more consistent with our marketing efforts -- and results? Why do we need systems in our business to do the heavy lifting for us? In this episode, I talk about how to overcome one of the most common struggles: inconsistent income.


Success is not easy. If it was, everyone would be fit, rich, and happy. -Doren Aldana  



  • Not having consistent income is a symptom of issues, not the root cause.
  • When we see ourselves as winners, we do whatever it takes to make our vision a reality. When we see ourselves as average, we take an average course of action.
  • One of the biggest reasons why we experience income inconsistency is the fact that we don’t have a daily schedule that includes lead generation.

At the beginning of the episode, I talked about why we need to have a winner mindset and how thoughts about prosperity lead to actions that create wealth. Next, I spoke about the importance of consistently generating leads.

I also covered:

  • Why we need automated marketing processes to generate leads
  • How a mentor can help us get to where we want to be faster
  • The difference between dreamers and doers


The best way make our income more consistent and predictable is to put together marketing systems that generate leads on autopilot. This way, we free up some of the tasks that we have on our plate and create more consistency in our course of action. When we aren’t backed up by systems, the moment when we stop showing up, even for a day, the lead generation machine stops.

Another important component to making our income more predictable is having the right mentor on our side. It needs to be someone who already knows the ins and outs of the industry and can show us shortcuts.