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How to Put a $100M Team in Place with the Right People, in the Right Roles

March 22, 2018


A lot of businesses hit their ceiling because the leaders don’t want to hire and delegate tasks to other people. Why is it so important to leverage the talent and time of other people? What role should you fill first? How do you get a vision of what your dream team will look like? On this episode, I share what I’ve learned over the past 13 years about building a superstar team in your business.


It’s all about leveraging the time and talent of your team to take your freedom, income, lifestyle and leadership to another level. -Doren Aldana


  • Draw out your organizational chart. It starts with having a visionary picture of what your business is going to look like when it’s complete.
  • Decide that you will not accept anything less than a superstar on your team.
  • If your philosophy is “It’s only done right when I do it”, you’re going to be stagnant longer than you need to be.


At the start of the show, we talked about why you need to have a team, and how it will impact your life and income. Next, we talked about the importance of looking at the your business with the end in sight, and how not hiring an admin person will keep your business stagnant.

We also discussed:

  • How to attract superstars
  • Why people wait too long to hire people
  • Why you will need an appointment setter
  • How to add operational staff to your business


If you want to have a business that sets you free, something that gives you optimal lifestyle, income and leverage and something more scalable and valuable, you want to dial in a team and dial in systems. If you want to start building your team, cast your vision on your end goal. Look at your business as if it’s already complete, and think of the kind of people you want. See it in your mind before you see it in reality. The very first step is to hire a marketing admin who can help you drive revenue. This will change everything.