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How to Overcome Fear of Rejection and Get Your Power Back

June 24, 2020

In order to grow our businesses and allow them to become vehicles of freedom, abundance and fulfillment, it’s important that we have a system for attracting our ideal clients. The most potently proactive activity we can do to make that happen is building relationships with top notch agents.

It’s hard to achieve this and stand up in our greatness when it’s being blocked by fear and call reluctance.

That’s why it’s crucial that we align ourselves with the mindset, energy and practice that unlocks confidence consistently.

How do we shift away from call reluctance and take the steps that draw us into our power and meaningful motivation? In this episode, I talk about the truth behind your call reluctance and fear of marketing yourself effectively, and how to step into your power so you can achieve your dreams.

There’s no place for fear of call reluctance and fear of rejection, when we shift our consciousness and priorities from taking to giving, from selling to serving. -Doren Aldana  




What call reluctance reveals about you

Call reluctance and fear of rejection don’t happen in a vacuum, they are a symptom of a much deeper problem. It’s a sign that underneath it all, we have lack, limitation, inadequacy and fear. 


Why we need to release the wrong clients 

If we have clients or partners we don’t enjoy working with, release them instead of trying to force it. The Universe has a way of bringing the right people into our orbit when we release the wrong one without animosity. 


How to get more fulfillment out of your business

You want to go narrow, deep and rich with a few people instead of going wide and shallow with many. Focus on working with less people who really align with you instead of working with anyone and everyone. Quality knocks out quantity every single time if you want a business that gives you freedom.