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How to Overcome Call Reluctance

January 10, 2019

For many mortgage pros, the idea of calling prospective clients or Realtors is filled with anxiety and general reluctance. Why is this the case? What’s causing your hesitation to pick up the phone and ask a Realtor to meet with you? You know you’re the person for the job, so what’s stopping you? It’s time to flip the switch on this. Let’s find out how you can stop avoiding calls and start seeing breakthrough results.


The single biggest reason why you have call reluctance is because you’re lacking compelling, unique value to inspire a conversation. -Doren Aldana



  • Go into calls knowing your worth. You need to be compelling and unique to attract attention. This is something to remember when looking at your strategy and your selling points.

  • When pitching to prospective clients, avoid overtly ‘selling’ to the person you’re speaking to. Approach the calls as conversations rather than strictly business.  

  • Find systems that make attracting clients easier. This is working smarter, and it’s important to remember that in business, you want to find the easiest way to make the most money.


On this episode, I start with an example of cold calls being intentionally avoided. The reason for these calls being avoided was the irritation they caused for the prospective client. After identifying what caused the irritation for the person on the phone, I go into four areas you should focus on to avoid being sidestepped.

I also covered:

  • Why it’s important to do more than merely pitch your services and discuss your experience.
  • That you need to find what makes you unique to excite potential clients.
  • The necessity to look at the core cause of your call reluctance- you’re probably working harder than you need to.


You already know calling Realtors is important for your business, but it doesn’t have to be something that makes you uncomfortable. With a few tweaks to your game plan, you can go from being the phone call that realtors avoid to being a valued conversation partner. Once you do that, success is imminent. Become the mortgage professional Realtors want to refer.