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How to Go from Just Making Friends with Realtors to Attracting SOLID Referral Partners

June 14, 2018

The days when a few donuts and a smile would land you a referral are long gone. Real estate agents are bombarded with new offers every day. What prevents you from taking it a step further? How can you get the attention of a real estate agent? How do you make a WOW first impression with a Realtor, so they send you ALL their buyers? In this episode, I speak about the importance of making a diagnosis, building trust, and making an offer no agent can turn down.


It’s the extra bells and whistles and the value you deliver that makes the difference between being seen as a Fiesta or a Ferrari. -Doren Aldana  



  • Making friends is easier than making business partners, simply because real estate agents are bombarded with requests from mortgage specialists. When you can’t make the next step, trust is usually the issue.
  • To convince them, you need to have a unique value proposition and articulate it in a way that makes them believe you are better than their current listing partner.
  • The secret to getting the attention of real estate agents is to enable them to work less and earn more.


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In the beginning of the episode, I spoke about how important it is to build trust and provide a unique value proposition. Next, I talked about finding out what’s broken in your process. Where does the real estate agent stop being interested in talking with you?

I also covered:

  • Why you shouldn’t make your pitch before performing a diagnostic of the agent’s problems
  • Bringing attention to the pain points and showing them your solution
  • Why you shouldn’t use price as a selling point

Diagnosing the problem without listening to the real estate agent is business malpractice. You can’t help them unless you sit down with them and ask questions regarding their current worries, pain points, etc. Many mortgage professionals make the mistake of skipping this step and going straight to speaking about their tools, systems, and services. How can you help someone if you don’t know their problem? The secret to attracting more real estate agents is to diagnose and prescribe a solution that will save them time and make them more money. There is nothing more compelling than a practical strategy that results in less work and more income.