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How to Get Out of the ‘GRIND’ and into the Green with More Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment!

August 28, 2019

So many of us have been told that without a constant grind, we’re doomed to mediocrity. While there is certainly a need to grind at times, are we destined to overworking ourselves for the rest of our lives if we want to see success? How can we move away from that mentality, and start seeing results without putting in tons of work? On this episode, I’m sharing how you can get out of the grind, and move towards actually making money with fun, flow and fulfillment.




  • It’s important to identify our unique ability and do more of the things that have us performing optimally. These are the things we’re so good at, we may even lose track of time while doing them.

  • Remove the grind strategy. If we’re working hard because that’s what we’ve always done- we have to stop. It’s time to stop repeating the strategies that are tiring us out.

  • Get out of the grind mentality. Many of us believe we have to work hard because we’ve been programmed to think that way from childhood. That isn’t true- we need to start believing that we’re capable of great results without overworking ourselves.


At the start of the episode, I emphasized the importance of the grind when taking our lives to the next level. While I mentioned that it’s inevitable to go through challenges from time to time, however, I then explained why it’s important that adversity only takes up a small portion of your time. 

I also discussed: 

  • How to dance in your strengths and do what you LOVE
  • How grinding can actually hold you back from success
  • How to get out of that grind mentality


In business and in life, there will always be challenges to overcome. However, the way we approach those challenges makes all the difference. We need to stop limiting our abilities by believing we’re incapable of achieving your goals. Remove the strategies and mindsets that have been imposed on all of us, and start cultivating million-dollar beliefs. Own the fact that we have greatness within us, and that we are born to win.