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How Penny Wrightly Generated 460 Leads, 34 Apps, and 14 Closings in Just 45 Days!

March 16, 2019

Most people who consider joining a coaching program have some hesitations before committing. How can you tell if a program will really deliver on its promises? Can the results justify the cost?

On this episode I talk with Penny Wrightly about the most common anxieties people have when considering a coaching program, and how The Mortgage Marketing Coach helped her break out of normal production level and generate killer numbers!




  • There’s a difference between working to improve your business and fighting to keep it afloat.

  • If you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut, you need to start exploring ways to overcome mediocrity. Having an outside eye such as a coaching program can help immensely with this.

  • Understand that it is an investment. You may be spending money, but you’re doing it to improve yourself and your business for the future.


At the start of the episode, Penny explained what her situation was prior to joining our program. She also pointed out some of the hesitations she had before committing, and shared her results after deciding to take the step.


We also covered:

  • The importance of automated systems in your business
  • Why your database is an incredible asset
  • Why the best time to invest in yourself is right now


The world of today is fast-paced and requires up-to-date service. You can’t provide that if you’re still using the same tricks you have for the past few years. To get ahead and see the results that take your business to the next level, you need to make sure you’re on the same level as your clients. This means, using technology to help you set up systems and never let your clients feel ignored. However, technology aside, it also means you have to update yourself. Start now, and never stop investing in yourself. The tools are here to help you, and the opportunities are endless.

 Penny Wrightly is a mortgage broker at The Mortgage Centre. The Cambridge, Ontario native has over 15 years of success in the industry, and is motivated by her desire not only to be successful, but more so because of her passion for helping people. Penny has also recently joined the Mortgage Marketing Coach program, and has seen incredible results in only 45 days.