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How to Find Hope in the Face of Seemingly Hopeless Situations, and Turn Pain into a Positive Purpose w/Michael Chabot

December 31, 2020

2020 has brought significant challenges into all of our lives, and many of us are experiencing real pain at the moment. However, it’s important to remember that the depths of darkness we’ve been through are equal to the heights of the light we can shine in this world, and we can get through this. 


That being said, moving through grief of any kind is often easier said than done. In truth, there are some things we’ll never truly ‘move on’ from- but we can move forward.


The question is, how? How can we move forward when it feels like life as we’ve always known it is falling apart? What can we do to get through our darkest days and back into the light?


In this episode, host of The Daily Decision and My Journey 2 Hope podcasts, Michael Chabot shares how to keep going in the face of difficulties. 

You can't move past your difficulties until you decide that’s what you want. -Michael Chabot

Three Things You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How to move out of the season of grief: 
    Only we can determine when we’ll move out of the grieving stage. What will be the catalyst for that decision? 
  • Why positivity alone can’t turn pain into purpose: 
    How can we expect run-of-the-mill motivational nonsense to connect us with our true calling when we’re not viscerally connected to it? 
  • How to handle the bad days as they arise: 
    Even as we heal, there will be harder days. How do we deal with them without backtracking on any of the progress we’ve already made?


Guest Bio- 


Michael Chabot is the host of the My Journey 2 Hope and The Daily Decision podcasts. He is passionate about helping people realize that even though challenges are inevitable, we have the power to overcome anything life throws our way. Having experienced tragedy first hand, Michael shares his story in the hopes that others see it’s possible to have hope, even after trauma. Michael is the Senior Vice President of Residential Lending at Draper and Kramer.


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