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How to Enter ANY New Market And Build a $2M+ Pipeline in 3 Months Flat, Starting From Scratch

January 6, 2022

For most mortgage pros, the very idea of relocating is enough to leave them shaking in their boots. 


What would it take for us to feel confident enough in our abilities that even if we had to move across state lines, we would crush it? Is it possible to dominate it in a whole new market, from the moment we step foot on the new territory?


In this episode, I’m sharing how to not only move into a new market, but build a next-level pipeline while doing it. 


"It's certainly very doable to reach your income goals in record time, as long as you’re doing it the smart way." -Doren Aldana




  • How to pinpoint the top producers in a new market

    How can we get started on our outreach to the top dogs before we’ve even arrived in their markets? 


  • How to work with the best and forget all the rest

    Is there a way to bypass the low-producing Realtors in our market from the get go?


  • The key to impressing Realtors in the first meeting

    So, we’ve enticed top producers into a meeting. How can we ensure it all goes smoothly once we’re in the same room?