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How To Close More Deals With Less Realtors (And Less Drama)

September 5, 2019

Dealing with Realtors can be bring a lot of drama, especially if we’re dealing with arrogant agents. How can we take control of our partnerships and start choosing the ideal Realtors we want to work with? Do we have to work our way up the ranks, or can we start with the top dogs? On this episode, we’re discussing how to close more deals, without the drama.



  • Forget about the bottom feeders. The fastest way to the cash is through the top dogs, so we need to offer them unique value from the start.

  • Look for a select group of solid partners who send all their business, rather than a wide range who send a few clients.

  • Take control of partnerships: we should be interviewing Realtors, not the other way around. 

At the start of the episode, I spoke about the importance of aiming for top dog Realtors. I then explained that to attract industry winners, we need to become winners ourselves. Without unique value and self-belief, we can’t expect others to believe in us.

I also discussed: 

  • Why we need to become indispensable
  • How to own our power
  • Why we need to stop overcomplicating our approaches


Mortgage transactions become dramatic when we lose control over the processes. Control is key, especially if we want to avoid receiving phone calls from distressed Realtors at 10 o’clock on a Sunday night. We need to identify the unique value we bring to the table, and start owning our power and capabilities. We have it in ourselves to win- so what’s stopping us from dominating the market right now?