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How to Build Loyalty with Top Dog Realtors (Even If They’re Already ‘Married’ to Their Lender) w/ Peter Fickeisen

April 25, 2019

Let's face it: being able to create and cultivate loyalty with top-producing Realtors is one of the fastest, most profitable ways to grow your mortgage business. How can we do this without the hell of cold calling and chasing? How do we build a solid partnership that's a mutual win-win? How can we add unique value in a way no one else can?

In this episode, award-winning veteran loan officer, Peter Fickeisen, shares what it takes to earn the loyalty of top agents so they stick to you like Super Glue.



The key to a partnership is knowing how you are going to add value compared to the person they’re using. -Peter Fickeisen



  • Earning partnerships through giving value
    Partnerships don’t happen overnight, and must be earned. It’s not about how great you are, but how you can add value and give instead of solely receiving.

  • How meeting regularly helps maintain partnerships
    In order to maintain a partnership, we need to have a schedule set up to meet with agents regularly. We want to make sure that we are ingrained in the culture of our partnerships. If we are not seeing our partners often enough, it makes it less likely that we’ll do business together.

  • How agreements facilitate fair partnerships
    We need to set up agreements with our partners to manage expectations. The agreement should include how each party contributes so that there are elements of giving and receiving on both sides.

We also discussed:

  •    Earning partnerships through giving value
  •    How meeting regularly helps maintain partnerships
  •    How agreements facilitate fair partnerships


It takes commitment to become connected with the top agents in your area. You need to figure out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to show up to make yourself irreplaceable and indispensable so that you become their exclusive lender. Partnerships need regular meetings and a mutually beneficial agreement. You must have enough unique value to command and demand that they send you all their business.


Guest Bio

Peter Fickeisen is the Director of Business Development at Luxury Mortgage Corp. and is a Senior Loan Originator. After leaving a job that dictated a 100-hour work week and a non-compete, he had to start from scratch and built himself up from zero to hero. Peter currently has just shy of $1 billion in production over the years. He was in the Top 200 in the USA for loan officers in production and units for 2011-2016, ranked in the Top 20 of Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers 2009-2016, and was the Top Producer at William Raveis Mortgage for 2011-2016. Peter is widely recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the US and has ranked in the top 1% in the country from 2009-2018. He has been in mortgage banking for 14 years, focusing on client relationships. Peter is a bonafide, certified, qualified veteran in the business and the real deal in attracting solid partnerships.