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How to Be Peaceful, Powerful & Productive in the Face of Problems

May 31, 2018

We have a belief system that says problems shouldn’t exist, but crises are a part of life. Are you overwhelmed by the problems in your life? What is your mindset when facing daily struggles? In this episode, we bring a new perspective to problem-solving. It’s not about avoiding problems, but controlling the way we perceive them-- and cultivating a warrior-like mindset.

If you say it’s bad, it’s bad. If you say it’s good, then it’s good. It depends on how you attach the meaning to it. That’s how powerful we are. We are meaning-making machines.

-Doren Aldana


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  • Our belief systems rule who we are and what we do. Life is sprinkled with problems and crises, but what separates successful people from those who feel trapped is embracing them with a warrior attitude.
  • Embrace failure instead of resisting it, and ask yourself what you learned from your experience. What can be done differently next time?
  • You give meaning to your life experiences, and you choose how you feel about them. The most joyous and successful people around us didn’t get to be what they are because of luck.
  • When you realize you can paint your life choosing your own colors, you are suddenly more energetic and powerful. You can now unleash your true power simply because you choose to fight the negative thoughts in your head.


In this episode, we talked about how we are capable of controlling our own emotions and training ourselves to be stronger and more energetic. We also talked about the importance of constantly challenging yourself and seeing problems as a part of life, not as something that happens to only the most unfortunate of us. 

I also covered:

  • How to switch from the victim mindset to the warrior mindset
  • Why champions have champion routines
  • The importance of waking up early, having enough sleep, and investing in self-care
  • Why asking the right questions determines the quality of your life


Beliefs determine how you feel in the face of challenges.The good news is that we are in control. We can change the way we look at our daily hurdles. By using daily affirmations, visualization exercises, and meditations, we can learn how to energize our minds and bodies. Having the right mindset can help us create a routine and roadmap that will bring us closer to success every day.