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How to Avoid Wasting Our Time, Energy, and Money on the Wrong Realtors w/ Peter Fickeisen

July 19, 2018

What exactly does your "ideal referral partner" look like? How can you target the right Realtors who actually fit that ideal profile? How do you attract the right partners, without the hell of cold calling or losing your dignity? What’s the biggest mistake most mortgage pros make when working with agents? In this episode, you'll get answers to all those questions and more, as Peter Fickeisen talks about how you can pick the right people, so you can on their "speed dial" as their exclusive lender.


You can only wear yourself so thin with partners you don’t want to work with. -Peter Fickeisen


  • We have to look at it as if it would be a partnership. We wouldn’t take someone we barely know and have nothing in common with as a partner, and this applies to searching for a Realtor to work with as well.
  • Weed out the good from the bad in the beginning. This translates into being upfront about how we work, what our work hours are, what we can deliver, etc. Otherwise, we might end up with people who disrespect our time and treat us like a commodity.
  • Stand out by being fast and always delivering on your promise of offering the information the agent needs right away

In the beginning of the episode, we talked about how many mortgage specialists end up in companies where their free time isn’t respected and how we can make the shift from working for others to being our own boss. We also talked about how we can attract agents and the importance of having a strong value proposition.

One of the things that can damage our reputation as a mortgage specialists is “not knowing” the answers to certain questions when our job is to provide those answers. If we want to attract rockstar agents, we need to be a rockstar mortgage pro, and part of that is always being fast and accurate when it comes to helping the agent. These days, the internet alone is enough for a mortgage pro to find all the answers they need.


Guest Bio

Peter Fickeisen is the Director of Business Development of Luxury Mortgage and has over 14 years of experience in mortgage banking. He ranked in the top 200 USA loan officers and the top 20 Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers severals times. His approach is to focus on building lifetime relationships with his clients, rather than moving from one transaction to another.