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How to Add UNIQUE VALUE to Realtors so They Stick with You w/Peter Fickeisen

May 4, 2018

The market today is more competitive than ever. In times like this, you either bring something unique to the table or lose money. But how do you go about reaching Realtors and showing them you are different? Should you call by phone or send out business cards? Who should you even be targeting? In this episode, Peter Fickeisen shares his approach to bringing unique value without spending time on the phone.


Your people won’t have confidence until you bring confidence. They won’t follow until you step up and lead the charge. -Doren Aldana



  • What's the differentiating factor that will bring you referrals and long-term business?
  • How can you use common ground to build relationships with Realtors?
  • How can social media equip you for higher-quality outreach?
    and much more!


At the beginning of this show we talked about quantity vs quality and the inefficiency of business cards and cold calls. We also talked about how Realtors are flooded with calls from loan officers, and the last thing they want is to receive another call from a complete stranger on a Saturday afternoon.

We also covered:

  • How to use social media to build a psychological profile of the realtors you are targeting
  • How to build a step-by-step plan when it comes to interacting with prospects
  • How to maintain a long-term relationship with realtors


Many loan officers make the mistake of not knowing what kind of realtor they can provide value to. Instead, they start giving calls and sending out business cards to everyone-- often with no results. Most loan officers can do the job. What differentiates the big players from the small ones is their focus on a narrow group of people. Rather than calling a large number of agents, find out which agents are already friends of your friends. If possible, find out what hobbies they have. Look for common ground and a way to start a friendly conversation instead of sending them a pitch.


Guest Bio

Peter Fickeisen is the Director of Business Development of Luxury Mortgage and has over 14 years of experience in the mortgage banking. He ranked in the top 200 USA loan officers and top 20 in Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers severals times. His approach is to focus on building relationships with his clients that last a lifetime, rather than moving from one transaction to another.

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