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How Terri Core Turned Her Annual Income Into Her Monthly Income… In Just 3 Months!

October 21, 2021

We all want to be successful, but sometimes our aspirations are about more than better results. Sometimes, reaching our income goals is a necessity. The problem is, when we’re in survival mode, it can be difficult to have faith in our ability to make it happen. 


How can we get ourselves to take the leap and do what we need to do when we can’t afford to fail? How can we push past the fears holding us back from true freedom?


In this episode, Senior LO at CMG Financial, Terri Core shares how she went from desperate and barely surviving, to totally thriving in the space of just 3 months. 


"It’s time to bust out of ‘I can’t afford it’ prison and get out at Planet Prosper!" -Doren Aldana




  • How to maintain our integrity while pushing for more
    Do we really need to choose between our values and our goals, or is there a way to have it all?


  • How to banish self-limiting beliefs, for good!
    How can we get rid of imposter syndrome and the little voice telling us we can’t, once and for all? 


  • The key to changing our perception of Realtors
    How can we go from working with Realtors because we have to, to aligning with them because we enjoy their company and have their respect?


Guest Bio - 


Terri Core is a Senior Loan Officer at CMG Financial. While Terri has a history in the business, she stepped out amid the Financial Crisis to pursue a career in the education space. While she battled against numerous challenges upon her return to mortgage in December 2020, she’s since begun working with Mortgage Marketing Coach, and having turned her previous yearly income into her monthly earnings, it’s safe to say she’s not about to look back!

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