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How Kristin Keith TRIPLED Her Purchase Volume In Just 2 Months (Without Making a Single Cold Call)

March 18, 2021

None of us want to feel like we’re loan leeches, begging Realtors for their time, but so often, that’s what happens. How do we break that cycle?

We know we add a ton of value, so it’s time to stop haggling Realtors and let them know we hold the cookie. How can we adopt an attraction-based approach and kick our prospecting pleas to the curb, once and for all?

Is it possible to get maximum results without buying into dark age techniques like cold calling?

In this episode, mortgage specialist at Directors Mortgage, Kristin Keith shares how her experience at Mortgage Marketing Coach SUPERSIZED her business in just 2 months.  

"When it comes to success, there is no ‘try’, you're either doing it or not." -Kristin Keith

Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How to spend our time doing what WORKS

    Networking events aren’t all bad, but are they really the best, most productive use of our time?

  • How to get more RELIABLE results

    Are we really willing to sit with feelings of angst and sleepless nights for the rest of our working lives?

  • Why mindset matters more than we think

    Whether they’re athletes, world leaders, or business owners, all of the greats have a strong mindset in common. Why would it be any different for mortgage pros? 


Guest Bio -

Kristin Keith is a mortgage specialist at Directors Mortgage in Eugene, Oregon. Passionate about helping people, Kristin has spent over a decade in loans and the last four in mortgages. 


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