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How Johnny Suppa Made $107k His 1st Year In The Game— Without Making a Single Cold Call

March 22, 2019
Every mortgage pro wants to be successful, but many of us doubt ourselves so much that success can feel unattainable. How can you stop thinking that way and start taking the rewards you know you deserve? Is it possible to get better results, even while working less? On this episode, I talk with John Suppa where he reveals how he we went from doing just 1 loan a month to doing 5 loans per month (almost overnight), and how he made over $100k in his first year as a mortgage broker, without making a single cold call. Check it out!



  • Rather than wait for referrals from Realtors, start referring them to potential buyers and sellers. This is how you build lasting and fruitful relationships.

  • Pay attention to your database and make sure you’re in constant contact with them. Even if someone is not interested right now, they shouldn’t forget you for future transactions.

  • Make use of the most popular online content: video. On top of generating leads for yourself, you can also use it as a referral opportunity for Realtors.


At the start of the episode, we heard how John Suppa transitioned from a highly successful car salesman, to an even more successful mortgage broker. While he acknowledged that the transition certainly wasn’t seamless, he went on to explain how he started seeing unprecedented results.


Stop allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by new prospects. As John Suppa has demonstrated, it is possible to achieve tremendous success within a short period. What you need to do is create processes you stick with. Most of all, stop making excuses. The opportunities are all within your reach- why not grab them for yourself?